PQC: Mrs  UNIVERSE is NOT Miss World. They are different not only in name but wide range of features. The most important difference is lying in their philosophy or principle. Mrs Universe is more social political oriented and awareness -whereas Miss World is more business commercial oriented.  Note the title  MRS vs MISS


Mrs UNIVERSE philosophy
We believe that physical beauty is just a part of of the whole allure of a person. Our award is for the most honorable married woman. According to our rules she must age 25 to 45, to have family, her own career and to be involved with a significant cause in favour of other people.
That is why every year this international event takes 7 to 10 days. During that period the married women from different countries are involved in different initiatives.
The idea that unites them is the motto “Against violence” which in different years covers different causes.
2009 was devoted to children and young women who are abandoned or suffer home violence. Representatives of different countries shared their experience in that field and many of them started a good cooperation lasting through the hole next year in different projects.
2010 was devoted to ” Women of the world against violence and human trafficking”.
The idea of all this international event and the activities going through the hole year is that mature women, who have already achieved a lot in their life, who have built their own families, have become mothers themselves, who are indepedent, due to their own efforts, are the women who can use their beauty for the sake of a big cause.
In this aspect it is obvious that beauty is just a small part of the hole allure of a women deserving to be honored. So we leave it for the final night. For that reason we also invite the members of the jury to be with the delegates though their hole stay and follow their steps to get a view of their personality too.
Another idea of the event is to show the host country and the people living there. We deeply believe that getting in touch with new places, culture and people will make the most honorable women real ambassadors of the country they have been to for these 10 days. The way we organize the event aims to be interesting for the participants and help them make friends instead of concurrency.



Vietnam Crowned Mrs. Universe 2017 in Pageant That Stands Against Violence Towards Women

Featured Image Screenshot via YouTube/AFP news agency

The Mrs. Universe 2017 crown went to Vietnam in a pageant that featured 84 married women standing together against violence towards women.

Vietnamese Tram Hoang Luu snagged the crown in the 40th annual Mrs. Universe pageant which took place in Durban, South Africa.

The newly minted Mrs. Universe winner went up against two other pageant finalists, France’s Anastasia Gorshkova and Gabon’s Gwen Madiba. According to Gulf News, contestants ranged from 25-45 years old and all were involved in a cause that helps others in order to represent the pageant’s theme slogan — “Empowering Women. Creating Change.”

The Mrs. Universe 2017 pageant also made history since this is the first time the event has been held on African soil. The event’s women empowerment theme even extended beyond the pageant as supporters marched the streets of Durban in the hopes of raising awareness to women and child abuse.

South African supporters who weren’t able to travel to Durban hosted their own event in order to show their support to the beauty pageant’s #OneVoice movement, according to SouthCoastHerald. Supporters are also calling for the government to give harsher sentences to women and child abusers to minimize the number of repeat offenders.

While the lines “Enough is enough”, “we are tired of crying” and “no to women abuse” echoed throughout the rally, the event followed through without violence. A bevy of supporters filled the streets, but managed to march peacefully through the city.

Meanwhile, the Miss Universe beauty pageant also had its own share of historic moments recently, with Laos announcing their very first candidate for the renowned event, while Cambodia crowned their historic candidate as well.

Featured Image Screenshot via YouTube/AFP news agency