Dear friends,

As you are my readers, you must have read about my argument against the spread of fake news on World Nuke War. I won’t repeat myself. I just add a little bit more information here since THEY have intensified the “threat”.

By now, an average sane person would know that not only the clown in tweet is just an paid actor, but so is the Kim in shit.

Have you noticed that whenever the Jewish West is in trouble domestically, the Kim in Shit would start to make Nuke Noise with full of “kim-chi threats”? How many times have the North Korean “Leaders in shit” issued their kim-chi threats since 1956? What happened?

Will be there War? yes, but what war, what type of war you must ask. Conventional war, proxy war then of course yes. War is the health of the  State. They need war. They have made war here and there, and will make war there and here.  These types of war never stop as long as the Statist system still exists. As a matter of fact, we are having these wars now in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya,  the Philippines, Burma… “We”, the people on this planet,  have been at wars for not just 16 years… but I just can’t count.. Can you?

But total nuke war between nuclear powers such as China, Russia and the Yanks? Nope..not a chance. They love to kill others. They love to pit others killing one anther… but never ever endanger themselves or threaten their livelihood, their ruling environment  a tiny bit as I have written quite a bit about this.

It’s just a deception and a distraction to  lead you away from their true acts of evil: massacring Arab people, women and children, destroying their societies, stealing their lands..

It’s designed  to  distract you from reality.  The reality is they are trying to scare the shit out of  you and make you more obedient with new legislation that gives more thuggery power to the police goons and scumbags in violating every decent values left since 911.

It’s designed to  promote fear and hatred which in turn split you apart and pit you against one another among yourselves.

THEY know for a fact that fear will destroy the best in you and make the worst out of you. Look at yourself in the mirror and you know that I am damn right!

So, at the end of the day, It’s still your choice: Be a free human or be a sheeple.