Anyway, I do find it’s awkwardly amazing that a lot of women these days still do believe that men are superior to women by nature or even by the fucking-god’s will or god-intelligent design ! Sadly a large number of  my large family do belong to this dumb group. This mental sickness has been infected and nurtured by the Statist system in human-mind for thousands of years- It’s called culture and traditions. It’s not easy to eradicate. I do think women and feminists need to make a true revolution overthrowing patriarchy system once and for all!  Women need to assert themselves in a very radical and forceful way to establish their equality by themselves rather than just listening to those lips services from politicians and  waiting for powerful men passing some laws.

If you give them power to give, this not only entails the power to take but also submit yourselves as inferior. Don’t wait for their acknowledgement, prove yourselves equal, push them away if they stand in your way. That’s how women need to do to right the thousands year wrong.