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Deep Web

deepwebIt’s no longer the era of industry. We’re in a technological era, fundamentally. The fascists, they have the resources. But we have imagination. We are making the tools to take back our sovereignty. When we make a giant “fuck you” to the system, it’s breaking that strangle hold on the tools of power that’s used against us.

The fascists always use the narrative of, “We are the white knights in shining armor protecting against the threats. We come here and we move out the dark with pure whiteness.” That’s a false narrative, because there is corruption in those castles. The real base of power lies with us.We are the darkness.

“At its core, Silk Road is a way to get around regulation from the state. “The state tries to control nearly every aspect of our lives, not just drug use. Anywhere they do that, there’s an opportunity to live your life as you see fit, despite their efforts.”

“What we’re doing isn’t about scoring drugs or sticking it to the man. It’s about standing up for our rights as human beings and refusing to submit when we’ve done no wrong.  Silk Road is a vehicle for that message. All else is secondary.”

Deep Web is a documentary film about the computer network. What we daily access only in 4% of the information on the internet, 96% is located in the shadow, which is DEEP WEB where true liberty exists!