Robert Sapolsky: Religion is a mental illness

Since  posting my short article about the Moon and the Solar Eclipse a little over a day ago, I have been bombarded with emails and messages calling me all kinds of unpleasant names and insisting that God does exist.

However, not one of them can offer any evidence of such, other than to insist that the fact the universe even exists is proof God exists.

Poppycock I say, utter nonsense, hogwash….

In response to all the pro-God ‘faithful’ or ‘true believers’ or whatever else you wish to call yourself, I simply offer this 19 minute video of an excellent lecture by Dr. Robert Sapolsky, a noted neuroscientist:

P.S. Please don’t bother to send me any more emails in outrage at my atheism, I simply delete them unread and besides, you have nothing to say I haven’t heard before and you’re not even very good at insults.