NOTE by PQC: Why, these supposed to be brave and intelligent journalists just cannot spell out the real culprit here! Zionist? It’s the “JEWS”, who are with “being chosen one”, a super race  mindset. Jew is not a race. It’s not even a religion in a good sense of the word. It’s a mixed belief system of political, religious, racist  ideology. And it’s so absurd that even former intelligent Jews such as the late Arthur Koestler, and the current ex-Jew Shlomo Sand , Miko Peled and particularly Gilad Atzmon had to write a range of long books and articles to demystify it.

jewsOne can see the myth about the Jews has somehow destroyed people sanity. In a normal parlance,  It’s “OK” to say the Russians did that, the Germans did this and that  in the WWII. Or the Yankees murdered Vietnamese children during the Vietnam War, or the Arabs are such and such or the Russians are so and so. As a matter of fact you can name any “race”, any cultural, religious group and do a calling names without causing much “outrage” or just a disapproval reaction.  But as soon as you utter the word “Jews”, almost everyone would automatically react with a sense of fear of being called “racist” and “anti-semi”.

Of course it’s totally wrong to make  a generalization as such, for not every Russian,  not every German, not every American, not every Israeli did this or that. Then why this righteous thing only exclusively applies to “the Jews”, who have consistently done this and that according to their absurd belief?

For this matter, Zionism cannot even exist without the so called “Jewishness”. Zionism exists and lives on such “Jewishness”. Zionism is a parasite of that absurd Jewishness. That’s exactly why it is so destructive and so dangerous. No one has ever dissected  this mental sickness better than Gilad Atzmon The Wandering Who?

That’s the reason why I deliberately use “the Jews” or even bloody Jews or fucking Jews whenever I can not only to NORMALIZE it but to call it for what it is.


Note by the Saker: interesting interview with Abby Martin, I highly recommend it. Please try to set aside the typical Leftist clichés and language and just listen about what she experienced while visiting Palestine for the first time. I wanted to share this video with you because Abby’s experience exactly mirrors mine. Except that I was even more clueless than her when I set foot in Israel for the first time. Being the loyal little Cold Warrior and Right-winger that I was, I sincerely believed that Israel was a land of heroic refugees surrounded by Arab terrorists (yeah, I was that dumb. I was also 19 years old…). It took me exactly one week to change my views by a full 180 degrees. I saw everything Abby describes, or things very similar, with my own eyes. That was true in 1982 and it remains true in 2017. Imagine putting up with THIRTY FIVE YEARS of that kind of oppression! And now try to imagine living through SEVENTY YEARS of this and you will get a sense, of what it is to be a Palestinian. In truth, none of us, not even Abby or myself, can imagine any of that since we are not Palestinians and we never lived this nightmare, we only visited this place.

Abby says that which others never do. Please set aside her silly aspects and take in the reality she describes. It is all true, 100% true.

The Saker