Does anyone remember the time when Osama Bin Laden was the enemy number one of the whole “Western World”? Ah, and Al Qaeda was the BIGGEST THREAT to … Western “way of lie” (intended). Remember Brezenski, Reagan… Taliban.. anyone?

Then Obama enthusiastically declared “We got him” . Bin Laden was humanely eliminated with a very religious burial rites which performed by … Yankee’s Team 6…Oh I mean the very infidels’ NAVY.  Well very humane indeed!

Waiting no time, “suddenly” from “nowhere”  the new enemy number one of the West and the Jews:  ISIL appeared with such powerful force that seemed unstoppable. Its name changed to ISIS then just IS, lest people in the Western world might confuse with the ISIS “Israel Secret Intelligence Services”!

Well, the Arab people in Muslim world never have such confusion, they call them Daesh, and they knew it’s Jewish Daesh, whose  Modus operandi is so verbatim Talmudic .

Yet, the Daesh was indeed unstoppable… by the Jewish West. It spread fear and horror  to the West with high tech weapons, supplies, and money of the West and with special assistance from the Jewish State and allies Arab Saudi and the Turks ! Unbelievable isn’t it!

Then the RUSSIANS got in. The once unstoppable IS has been decimated by the Rusians and collapsing  like the house of cards in Middle East. But in its dying days,  the “powerful” Daesh some how transformed and re-surges throughout the Western world with just knives and cars.. and left-behind ID cards!

Afghanistan-Victims-of-a-February-2012-US-air-strike-that-killed-8-children-in-Kapisa-Afghanistan.When millions of innocent people in Middle East were massacred, their cities and home were bombed into stone age, and their children, babies  were “droned” into pieces while playing , while sleeping;  their lands, their natural resources were stolen by the Jewish state and the “civilized democratic” West… It’s war on terror. It’s war for “Democracy”. Aye, It’s a just war to protect the West and the Jews ‘ way of lie (intended).   It’s worth it!

When some whites were knifed, some whites were run over by cars by some non-whites; some white women were groped by some non-whites (please just pretend that all were true… and Charlotteville did not exist). It’s the “clash of civilization”. Muslims and Arabs are once again demonized and dehumanized in the most crude and simplest way. And the whole “sophisticated” Western world swallows it… again!

It’s the clash of stupidities, for the people in the West (whites and non white)  have lost their capacity to think.

The Jewish controlled Cabal is winning… again!