US Army Conducts Heliborne Operation in Eastern Syria, Takes Another ISIL Commander Away

[Editor’s note: This incident is yet more proof that the US military, or at least, a faction of the US military, has been supporting IS. It also shows that the end is near for IS in Syria as the Syrian forces and their allies close in on Deir-Ezzur. Ian]

US Army Conducts Heliborne Operation in Eastern Syria, Takes Another ISIL Commander Away

Military helicopters of the US-led coalition carried out another heliborne operation in Southeastern Deir Ezzur, carrying a senior ISIL commander on board, an Arab media outlet reported on Tuesday.

The Arabic-language al-Ahd news website reported that the US army carried out a heliborne operation South of the town of al-Sayal, taking away a senior finance official of the ISIL terrorists group along with his wife.

Al-Ahd further said that evacuation of ISIL’s top financial official from al-Sayal was carried out after the commanders’ coordination with the US-led coalition.

The US army has conducted a growing number of similar heliborne operations to help senior ISIL leaders in Eastern Syria this year.

Local sources reported in July that a group of ISIL terrorists were transferred by a van from the town of Ayyash in Eastern Deir Ezzur to a ISIL-held desert region in the Eastern direction of the town of al-Sukhnah in Eastern Homs, where three helicopters of the coalition were hovering over the region.

One of the helicopters landed but the other two continued to fly over the region.

The three helicopters flew towards North and entered Raqqa airspace, adding that there was no information about their exact destination.

The sources further said that the ISIL militants taken away by the American choppers could have been one of the spying groups used by Washington via Jeish Maqavir al-Thowrah militant group to materialize its objectives in the region.

More reports said in June that the US-led coalition aircraft carried out heliborne operation in regions controlled by ISIL terrorists in Northern Raqqa.

The heliborne operation to save the ISIL members was conducted in the Northern parts of Raqqa.

Meantime, other reports said that the predominately Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) forces who were stationed in Raqqa under the US supervision allow the ISIL terrorists to leave Raqqa city.