MH17 was really MH370

The United States is urging all the countries to cooperate on the probe into the crash of the Malaysian MH17 passenger airliner in eastern Ukraine conducted by the Joint Investigation Team, State Department spokesperson Heather Nauert said in a statement on Monday.

WARNING: The video above contains many horrifically graphic images of decomposing and smashed corpses, do not watch if you are at all squeamish.It is three years since a plane crashed into a field in Ukraine, a plane that the world’s co-opted and controlled media claimed was Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 from Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam.

I am now confident in stating that there never was a flight MH17 from Schiphol, that the whole story is a great stinking pile of bovine fecal matter and the truth is so shocking and disturbing that few outside the online conspiracy folks have dared to even consider it could be true.

The plane that crashed in Ukraine was, in fact, Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 that had disappeared months earlier. The plane was full of corpses – the passengers of MH370, murdered and their bodies preserved with chemicals.

Forget any of the media coverage, it is all lies and distractions, instead, go directly to the primary source – the Ukrainian people who were there on the ground and witnessed exactly what fell from the sky and ended up spread across the landscape.

The video at the top of this article reveals the truth in graphic detail, after viewing it, you will be left in no doubt that this was indeed MH370, complete with it’s cargo of decomposing Asian corpses. In case anything happens to the youtube version, you can also find this video at Liveleak.

Here is the accompanying text:

Narrator in possession of over 5000 pictures from Mh17 crash site point out numerous strange anomalies associated with the victims from MH-17.

1) Glowing fluorescent dye near 1st body
2) Strong smell of formaldehyde in air
3) Absence of blood on and around corpses
4) Bloated damp corpses
5) Victims not European looking- she states that most looked Asian
6) Strange dead birds, including a blue and yellow Macaw that is, ironically, the same color as the Ukrainian flag at the 3:10 mark. This is a tropical bird which makes one wonder why it was flying on a plane from Amsterdam to Southeast Asia. Normally, one would expect that such an occurrence may take place the other way round.
7) She states that the cell phone data had no 2014 photos, only photos from 2013.
8) Bluish/black lips on victims
9) She states the passports were all brand new and unused

The British tabloid rag The Daily Star, owned by Zionist Jewish pornographer Richard Desmond has labelled any notion that the official story is not true and that the corpses were stale as ‘outlandish conspiracy theories’, which should be taken as another confirmation that the Zionist criminals are keen to cover up their atrocious mass murder.

‘They were dead BEFORE it crashed’ Shock claim about doomed flight MH17

As we can see from the Sputnik article below, the US is deeply involved in the cover-up and along with Israel, is no doubt behind the whole MH370-MH17 saga.

What I wonder is why have the Russians and Malaysians not exposed this entire farce for the sick and disgusting fairytale it really is. The Russians must have all of the evidence needed to do so as they had days to examine the crash site and they must know at least as much as the locals in Donbass, which is plenty to be able to expose the whole thing.

US Urges Nations to Cooperate on Joint Investigation Team’s MH17 Crash Probe

On July 17, 2014, Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 was shot down by a missile in eastern Ukraine while flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. All 298 passengers and crew aboard the aircraft died in the incident.

“The United States will continue to support the efforts of the Joint Investigation Team and urges other states to cooperate fully in order to ensure those responsible are brought to justice,” Nauert stated. “As we and the Joint Investigation Team have said, Russian-led forces in eastern Ukraine fired the surface-to-air BUK missile — brought into sovereign Ukrainian territory from Russia — that took down flight MH17.”

Earlier in July, Amsterdam said the trial in the case of the MH17 crash would be held in the Netherlands. Ukraine and the Netherlands are planning on July 7 to sign an agreement on international legal cooperation that will entitle the Dutch side to hold trial, according to the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry.

“We welcome the team’s recent decision to grant jurisdiction to the Dutch courts for the prosecution of those responsible for this tragedy,” Nauert added. “We have full confidence in the ability of the Dutch criminal justice system to conduct a prosecution that is comprehensive, objective and just.”

The Dutch-led Joint Investigation Team (JIT) tasked with probing the crash announced in September that the MH17 airliner was allegedly downed by a Buk missile system, which was brought from Russia and after the crash returned there. However, Russia’s Almaz-Antey concern rejected findings in the probe, saying that three simulations showed that the missile was launched from the Zaroshchens’ke area, controlled by Ukraine’s army at the time of the downing.


French Claim MH17 Was MH370

Blue sky, yellow vest and MH17

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lagerfeld yellow vestThere was exactly one year, the disaster of flight 17 from Singapore Airlines over Ukraine fed the media hungry for sensational (and less journalistic rigor). This is an opportunity to add a small layer scientific article on the testimony of a rescuer published in Marchon this blog .

What connection is there between the blue sky, yellow safety vest regulatory and disaster MH17 flight? Physics. I know, it is not obvious; but that is precisely why these lines were written, with the wild ambition to teach you something. But be careful: read the following requires a certain mental effort, which will certainly be very over the possibilities of a Nabilla or standard journalist. I can in any way be held responsible for the cognitive dissonance and intellectual despair crises that could possibly result.

 Blue sky

Why is the sky blue (in good weather, of course)? Answering this question is not simple; worse, when it responds to truly scientific way, we realize that the sky is not blue. Let’s see why.

Everyone can see that the blue sky exists only during the day, the night sky is black (or very blue, very dark).This blue color therefore comes to no doubt, of the sunlight that is returned from the sky; gold, the sun is a source of white light, not blue. By what mechanism this light it is “filtered” so that comes back to us that the blue color? Answering this question requires taking into account the electromagnetic nature of light waves.


An electromagnetic wave is an oscillation of an electric field and a magnetic field that travels from place to place, at a speed in vacuum (or air) of about 300,000 km / s. What is an electric field? Just a way of saying that if an electrical charge is there, it is subjected to a force and will therefore move (forget about the magnetic field, which in reality does not exist independently of the electric field in an electromagnetic wave).However, the material consists of electrical charges: the protons in the nucleus of atoms, and electrons around. When an electromagnetic wave strikes the material (and the air of the atmosphere is of matter, even if diluted), atoms electrons are thus “shaken” at a pace that is the one wriggling wave and is measured by itsfrequency (number of oscillations per second, Hertz ). Protons also wriggling, but less dramatically, because they are vastly heavier while being subjected to forces of the same magnitude as those applied to electrons.

In turn, the electrons wiggle create a new electromagnetic wave whose frequency is of course that of their oscillations. The electromagnetic wave moves electrons, electrons that move create an electromagnetic wave: we have a very common reversibility in many laws of physics. But that still does not explain the blue sky: just as the sky is not black (as composed of material that re-emits a light wave).


To really understand why the sky is not white (as incident sunlight), you must … do physics. And even a little hard physics, electromagnetism manipulating equations. This is far beyond what can be explained on a blog, necessarily public. Nevertheless attempt to give the profound reason for the phenomenon that, hidden behind complicated equations, is fairly simple: when the electrons of an atom are shaken by the incident electromagnetic wave, it produces a displacement of these more rapid electrons the frequency of this wave is high. Or electric charges in motion give an electric current, especially high (for the same load) that the movement is rapid, and this current is at the origin of the re-emitted light wave.

This, plus some subtleties that would be difficult to explain in depth here (the more adventurous can studythis document for a detailed solution of the problem) is the cause of a greater diffusion of high frequency light waves that low frequency by heaven. Specifically, the power of the wave re-emitted by the atoms varies with the frequency to the power of 4 (we gave this name law Rayleigh scattering , named for its discoverer), that is to say that it varies quite “violent” with frequency. However, the solar light spectrum ranges from the ultraviolet (higher frequency) to the infrared (lower frequencies), the human eye is sensitive to colors ranging from purple and red. And as more the sensitivity of our eye is very low ends of the spectrum, we see the sky … blue, purple and not because our “measuring instrument” is not at all true.

The blue sky is not

If measured with a true energy sensor properly calibrated how the light intensity varies depending on the frequency (or wavelength related to it) is found by well against the maximum of intensity scattered by the blue sky is in the ultraviolet range: the blue sky is not blue, it is not even violet, but it is mainly ultraviolet!May graphically represent this variation as a function of the wavelength; I repeat here a diagram taken from the German version of Wikipedia , which covers the same diagram distributions of sunlight and light from the sky depending on the wavelength:

Distribution of the intensity of the solar light (red curve) and the light emitted by a "blue" sky (purple curve) as a function of the wavelength.

Yellow vest

Now, how works a yellow vest? The wise guys who think they can shrug and say it works but not simply tobe wrong yellow: yellow vest is not only yellow, it is yellow neon . And that changes everything.

The trick sleight of fluorescence

Neon is the abbreviation fluorescent , a property that may be the subject of re-emitting light after having absorbed almost instantaneously. But the light re-emitted is not necessarily (and rarely) the same color as that absorbed: because the emitted photon can not have a higher energy than the absorbed photon (conservation of energy is one of the laws of the most intractable physical), the re-emitted wavelength is necessarily greater than or equal to the wavelength absorbed because at a higher wavelength corresponds a lower energy. For example, if an ultraviolet photon is absorbed, a blue photon, or green, or yellow, or red may be retransmitted All visible photons have energies less ultraviolet photons.

The only way around this energy rule is to simultaneously absorb two photons to reissue one: there, their energies can add and re-emitted light can be higher energy (and therefore shorter wavelength). But this is a very rare case.

This brings us now to understand really how works the neon yellow, and why it does not always work the same way according to the ambient lighting conditions. If the vest was only yellow (not fluorescent), it could only “work” by subtractive colors (as this is a difficult word for a simple thing) he would receive the white light (which includes the yellow and all other colors) and rebroadcast as yellow, thus a lower intensity than the incident intensity. Thus shall all painters, with pigments.

But the “fluo” yellow seems “light”, that is to say that it appears to emit an intensity greater than the intensity of the ambient light. How is this possible? By transforming part of the invisible light for us (UV) to visible light, and in a more sensitive area of the eye, the yellow. The fluorescent yellow cheat our senses, bringing in the visible what is invisible to us, hence the impression of great luminosity.

Practical work

But you do not have to believe me; in fact, I would suggest not even believe me, if you behave in science: science is not based on belief, but on the demonstration (theoretical and experimental). We must therefore test the hypothesis of neon yellow that works truly in the presence of ultraviolet. For this, we can consider three cases:

  1. direct daylight in good weather, with both visible light and ultraviolet, in smaller amounts (and infrared, but they do not interest us);
  2. artificial light, for example an incandescent lamp, virtually free of ultraviolet because the filament temperature is too low;
  3. Indirect light of day, just after sunset, under a blue sky: this is the most interesting case because the ambient visible light is very small, but ultraviolet light is ever present through the “blue” sky.

In what lighting conditions yellow vest he appear the brightest? Certainly not with artificial lighting, as it can then only “work” by subtractive synthesis, in the absence of ultraviolet light. But not in direct daylight (red curve above), because the perception of the light or not an object is relative : an object is detached from its environment if it is brighter than the rest, and if it is not very bright but its environment is as much almost.In direct daylight, fluorescent yellow gives a good advantage of visibility, but in light of the blue sky at dusk (purple curve in Figure above), this advantage is even greater because the ultraviolet is in these special conditions the most intense light, and not a mere extra light … but we do not see (“black light”), which provides nice effects as well know the shows organizers.

You can experiment with your yellow vest (or highlighted text in fluorescent yellow marker, it is the same) you will see clearly the difference between these three cases.

"Black light" (summer of 2010 at the Museum of Toulouse)


But what with the disaster of flight MH17 , which has (with suspicious haste) accused the pro-Russian rebels and which, oddly, seems to have been forgotten, like that of unexplained flight MH370 few months earlier ( same company, same plane, same colors and almost identical registration)?

It is in the testimony of the rescuer, who unwittingly made ​​a report of an experimental fluorescence experience. Let’s go back to read his testimony and extract the most interesting:

0:48 During the night these human remains shone green at this point when the photo was taken. [ NdT: it is not, strictly speaking, but the night of twilight .]

How can we interpret this observation? The aid worker described what she saw at dusk under a sky almost clear is to say precisely when the conditions for the realization of a natural fluorescence experiment are performed: very low light, but light “black light” (ultra-violet) the continuing high heaven. She said a little later in the interview, moreover, that the bodies stank formalin (aqueous solution of formaldehyde ormethanal standard chemical nomenclature; also is used sometimes indiscriminately formaldehyde and formaldehyde terms).

She probably knows that no properties of formaldehyde, precisely, is its fluorescence; it is also used in pollutant detection devices where ultra-violet laser can reveal the presence of very small amounts formaldehyde. In this article (in English), for example, the authors describe the operation of such a device, where one learns that the laser used has a 355 nm wavelength (not far from the maximum air diffusion said “blue”!) and that the photons emitted by fluorescence of formaldehyde are on a relatively wide wavelength range up to 500 or 550 nm. What do these values ​​in terms of color? To get an idea, superimpose a representation of the visible spectrum in Figure 2 of the article:

methanal fluorescence

Coincidentally, one can deduce that the color perceived by the human eye fluorescence formaldehyde is near the green (or blue-green), since its sensitivity in the violet and indigo is very low: do not forget not that our eyes have nothing neutral measuring instruments!

Thus, without knowing it, the rescuer questioned by Aljona Kotschkina revealed that his visual observation of human remains on the evening of the disaster corroborated his olfactory impression: if it was good of formaldehyde, so he had to behave like something which “glows green at dusk.” This is certainly not the only substance that makes human blood … but does not have the fluorescence property . Yet theforensic methods extensively uses light to detect traces of human blood at crime scenes; but it does so bychemiluminescence and not fluorescence. In this case, it is necessary to use an external chemical compound whose reaction with the iron of the blood product directly from the visible light (usually blue).

Here is one more element that leads us to believe that this dark matter of the Malaysia Airlines flight 17 is more terrible even than the “simple” send in the deliberations of a ground plane of civilians, as was the case in 1988 the Iran Air flight 655 , coldly shot down by a US missile cruiser USS Vincennes. Those who still rely on their reason (and not their emotions, they were nobles) to solve the puzzles should keep in mind at least this:

  • victims MH17 seemed mostly Asian;
  • they carried with them the winter business to go to Kuala Lumpur in July (the MH370 flight was gone to Beijing on March 8);
  • they were bleeding but not human remains flowed a colorless liquid with strong smell of formaldehyde;
  • these remains were fluorescent, as you would expect in terms of formalin and as we can not observe it for human remains “unprepared”.

Emitting even a single moment the assumption that the mysterious disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight 370 was only a necessary prelude to the realization, by a band of powerful psychopaths, the mass murder premeditated hundreds innocent you will certainly treat delusional paranoid by all people “serious”.Which will also ensure that it is out of question to question the reality of industrial and planned extermination, over several years, of millions of innocent people in open air concentration camps, by all of the State apparatus of high European culture country.

Like what the most basic logic is not the best shared thing in the world.-



‘They were dead BEFORE it crashed’ Shock claim about doomed flight MH17

By Rachel O’Donoghue / Published 17th July 2017
The Malaysian Airlines plane was en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur on July 17, 2014, when it was hit by a surface-to-air missile reportedly fired by pro-Russian separatists.

The horrific disaster – coming just months after Flight MH370 disappeared – came during intense fighting after the annexation of Crimea in March 2014.

All 283 passengers and 15 crew members died.

But on the three-year anniversary since the plane was shot down, outlandish conspiracies are being shared about the disaster.

Igor Strelkov GETTY

SHOCKING: Igor Girkin reportedly made the shocking claim shortly after the disaster

“According to the people who collected corpses, most of the corpses – stale”

Igor Girkin

But on the three-year anniversary since the plane was shot down, outlandish conspiracies are being shared about the disaster.

The most shocking for these is one that claims the plane was actually filled with corpses when it took off in Amsterdam.

Pro-Russian rebel commander Igor Girkin – also known as Igor Strelkov – made the incredible claim while asking questions about the disaster.

Girkin is being sued by the families of a number of MH17 passengers over his alleged role in downing the plane.

Days after the disaster, he was quoted as saying: ”According to the people who collected corpses, most of the corpses – ‘stale’ – people have died up to a few days ago.

“For the complete accuracy of the information can not answer – of course, it is necessary conclusion of forensic experts.”

MH17 plane and crash scene GETTY/WIKICOMMONS

DISASTER: The crash three years ago today killed all 298 people on board

He also apparently said people that went to the crash site found many of the corpses were “absolutely bloodless”.

Another theory that was put forward about MH17 was that it was caused by a botched assassination attempt on Vladimir Putin.

An anonymous source claimed the aircraft was confused for the official Presidential plane that was also flying that day.