16th anniversary of the fatal day 9 September 2011 is approaching. 16 years have passed. Millions lives have been murdered in cold blood fashion . Hundreds of thousands families and children have been blown up literally to pieces by state of the art weaponry. Countries, societies have been destroyed. All are still counting.

Human dignity has been trashed. Liberty is lost!

What and How have millions of  16 year old girls and boys today  been told about 911 atrocity? With mainstream media and mainstream textbooks?  By mainstream teachers, professors?

However, what has made me shivering is the NUMBER of experts and scholars in 911truth movement:  2,887 ARCHITECT & ENGINEER SIGNATORIES TO DATE

These are people men and women with knowledge and years of experience in their own field, who stick their necks out for truth and for all of us.

We are 7 billions. How many experts and scholars are there among us? Millions or more!

And only 2,887 out of millions of experts and scholars around the world dare to question , dare to call a spade a spade! 16 years!  Where the hell have all the rest been?

These 2,887 have been swimming up stream in challenging the most powerful organized crime syndicate on this planet (a.k.a Governments)  to tell us the obvious, to wake us all up!  

By the way, these 2,887 individuals do have family. They and their families want to live happily and need food on tables too, like the rest of us. I guess!

But they do not want to just live. They want to live as decent human beings with conscience, I guess. I just guess so!