Lyn Ulbricht, mother of Ross Ulbricht, joins us today to discuss the arrest, conviction and unconscionable double life plus 40 year sentence of her son in the Silk Road case. We discuss the case against Ross and the exculpatory information that was withheld from the jury (and sometimes even the defence) during his trial. We also talk about the loss of his appeal in the 2nd District court and where the campaign goes from here.



Ross Ulbricht Loses His Appeal Over Conviction and Sentencing in Silk Road Case [UPDATED]

Ross Ulbricht Moved Interstate, Family Not Notified

Agorism: Revolutionary market anarchism |

“Agora! Anarchy! Action!”


the black flag of anarchismAgorism is revolutionary market anarchism.

In a market anarchist society, law and security would be provided by market actors instead of political institutions. Agorists recognize that situation can not develop through political reform. Instead, it will arise as a result of market processes.

As the state is banditry, revolution culminates in the suppression of the criminal state by market providers of security and law. Market demand for such service providers is what will lead to their emergence. Development of that demand will come from economic growth in the sector of the economy that explicitly shuns state involvement (and thus can not turn to the state in its role as monopoly provider of security and law). That sector of the economy is the counter-economy — black and grey markets.

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Terms defined

The ideology which asserts that the Libertarian philosophical position occurs in the real world in practice as Counter-Economics.
Advocate or conscious practitioner of Counter-Economics, older terms include left libertarian and New Libertarian.
The study and/or practice of all peaceful human action which is forbidden by the State.
One who opposes state intervention, i.e., a defender of Liberty.
Libertarian Left
Activist, organization, publication or tendency which opposes parliamentarianism (electoral politics), defends Counter-Economists, and prefers alliances with radical and revolutionary tendencies to those with conservative ones.

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