Bitcoin new-users should be warned of all the misleading info and analysis by the so-called “financial experts”. If someone uses the word “bubble” in making an analysis on crypto currency, he or she either is a government’s troll with disinformation or just an idiot who pretends to be “expert”. Something is “bubbled” because it’s controlled and manipulated.

Crypto -currency is truly the people’s global currency, a true medium of exchange  It is controlled by No one, no organization, no government, even though THEY all wanted to. They have tried and failed., and they are trying now by  threatening to officially “legalize” Bitcoin.  It exists, flourishes because people around the world  love all the freedoms, conveniences  Bitcoin offers . People use Bitcoin of their own volition. Bitcoin users have both full control of and total responsibility for their Bitcoins. This is the greatest feature of Bitcoin (crypto-currencies).

Bitcoin is deflationary by design. This means 1 Bitcoin WILL BE WORTH 100 MILLION DOLLARS and more, even if it all governments criminalize it. Remember a Bitcoin has 100,000,000 Satoshis!

You remember the so-called “Prohibition” on alcohol? Have they learned anything from the criminalization of drugs and marijuana so far?

OK, just for your little smiling. In the Bible, Do you remember what happened when the only so powerful God  governed and controlled only two persons Adam and Eve? The silly God “criminalized” one kind of fruit.  You all know the rest of the story. A supreme government controlled the population of only two ,  and failed miserably.  We now have more than 7 billions!!!

1 Bitcoin WILL BE WORTH 100 MILLION DOLLARS and more as long as people are forced to use fiat money, or rather  the Satoshi will becone the unit of account- This  will happen because not only  Bitcoin’s purchasing power increases over time, but fiat money is inflationary by its nature, and it is  losing its purchasing power faster and faster every day.

Bitcoin’ fluctuates in term of fiat money not because of itself, but because of the fluctuation of fiat money  as people are still forced to use fiat money in the markets that are under government control, where Bitcoin becomes a commodity.

When using  Bitcoin, think of how many and how much goods and services you can buy and sell at your liberty and in your privacy rather than its value in term of fiat papers. So, $10000, $50000 or so are not Bitcoin’s issue. It’s fiat paper’s!  Don’t be distracted and fooled by that.


Bitcoin seen surging to $US50,000 in decade

Moas says he's
Moas says he’s “only a bit concerned that there may be a near-term bubble”, but long term, there’s the potential to make triple-digit returns. Bloomberg

by Camila RussoRonnie Moas, who for the past 13 years has made more than 900 stock recommendations via his one-man show at Standpoint Research, is now venturing into cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin will double to $US5000 next year, and reach $US25,000 to $US50,000 in the next decade, the Miami Beach, Florida-based Moas said in a note to clients overnight, where he also disclosed he bought “a little bit” of litecoin, bitcoin and ethereum in a account.

It’s a testament to the exuberance around bitcoin, ethereum and other blockchain assets that equity investors who hadn’t been involved in cryptocurrencies are now starting to analyse and make bets on the sector along with established bitcoin enthusiasts who see long-term gains, even if they say there might be a correction after the recent rally.

“There are only 21,000,000 bitcoins in circulation and the world will fight over those 21 million coins as confidence in currency and other investments deteriorates,” Moas wrote, referring to the algorithm that caps the amount of bitcoin that can be created. “I have little doubt that 1 per cent of the money in cash, bonds, stocks and gold will end up in cryptocurrencies.”

Bitcoin has more than doubled this year to as high as $US3000 as adoption increased, more institutional investors backed blockchain technology and the second-biggest digital currency, ether, started to become popular in fundraising rounds for tech startups. Bitcoin slid to as low as $US2544.40 today from its high on June 12 on concern that digital currencies can’t reach wider acceptance fast enough and that their gains have been overdone.

Moas says he’s “only a bit concerned that there may be a near-term bubble”, but long term, there’s the potential to make triple-digit returns.

Moas recommends securing cryptocurrency positions through services like the one offered by and reminds clients his post is for informational purposes only and shouldn’t be viewed as investment advice or as a recommendation.