London Terror Suspect Linked to British Intelligence

On this episode of The Geopolitical Report, we uncover Salman Abedi’s, the Manchester suicide bomber, link to British intelligence. MI5 explains that it missed warnings on Abedi despite one sent by the FBI. This is part of a larger pattern. Since the 1990s, the British government has given jihadi terrorists a free hand to preach hate and murder while they worked simultaneously with British secret services. Leading imams Anjem Choudary, Omar Bakri, Abu Hamza al-Masri, and others have cooperated with the government. Intelligence agencies from Spain, Germany, Italy, Belgium, and the Netherlands have repeatedly warned British authorities about the terror plans of these dangerous individuals, and yet they were allowed to continue their work. Theresa May said she expects MI5 to review how three terrorists slipped through the net to launch the London Bridge attack. Criticism of British secret services and police by the prime minister, however, will only last as long as the news cycle on the latest terror attack. Wahhabi spawned terror groups are a geopolitical asset for the state and will continue to be used to add finishing touches to an expanding surveillance and police state.

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