The Republic Has Fallen: The Deep State’s Plot to Take Over America Has Succeeded

No doubt about it. The coup d’etat has been successful. The Deep State—a.k.a. the police state a.k.a. the military industrial complex—has taken over and is moving toward a global empire. The American system of representative government has been overthrown by a profit-driven, militaristic corporate state bent on total control and global domination through the imposition of martial law at home and by fomenting wars abroad. When in doubt, follow the money trail.  It always points the way. Every successive American president starting with Franklin D. Roosevelt has been bought—lock, stock and barrel—and made to dance to the tune of the Deep State. Enter Donald Trump, the candidate who swore to drain the swamp in Washington DC. Instead of putting an end to the corruption, however, Trump has paved the way for lobbyists, corporations, the military industrial complex, and the Deep State to feast on the carcass of the dying American republic. This is how you keep the Deep State in power: the rich will get richer, the poor will get poorer, the military will get more militaristic, America’s endless wars will get more endless, and the prospect of peace will grow ever dimmer. The “government of the people, by the people, for the people” has perished. America is a profitable business interest for a very select few, and war—wars waged abroad against shadowy enemies and wars waged at home against the American people—has become the Deep State’s primary means of income. The Constitution doesn’t stand a chance against a federalized, globalized standing army protected by legislative, judicial and executive branches that are all on the same side, no matter what political views they subscribe to: suffice it to say, they are not on our side or the side of freedom.

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The Republic Has Fallen: The Deep State’s Plot to Take Over America Has Succeeded

Battlefield America: The War on the American People

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