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US-backed “militants”- TERRORISTS- establish new encampment in southeastern Syria

Al-Masdar News
US-backed militants establish new encampment in southeastern Syria

Militants of Maghaweir Al-Thawra (Revolutionary guards), an islamist group supported by the U.S., have set up a new camp in Al-Zagiph area in southeastern Syria.

The area is located 70 kilometres northeast of Al-Tanf border crossing to Iraq and approximately 130 kilometres south of Al-Bukamal city in Deir Ezzor province controlled by the so-called “Islamic State” (IS, formerly ISIL/ISIS).


According to the statement issued by the group, the new garrison is intended to intensify struggle against IS.

However, it looks obvious that imposing control over Syrian-Iraqi border bears higher priority for the U.S. and their islamist allies, than just fighting against IS.

Remarkably, establishment of the new camp in southeastern Syria coincided with the recent announcement made by a representative of another US-backed entity, Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), in which he claimed that SDF “will not allow Shia paramilitary groups to enter Syria from Iraq”.

Therefore, the true long-term goal of U.S. military operations in southeastern Syria may well be linking up with SDF units in northeastern part of the country and hence effectively sealing the entire Syrian-Iraqi border to isolate Syrian government from Iraq.