russian bearThe Jews would hate or rather be terrified by this development- and will stop at nothing to destroy it. The creation of ISIS (ISIL, IS, Daesh)  is a Jewish Anglo-Zionist master piece for this purpose. Russia, if it sincerely  wants this grand scheme to be successful, must empower, both economically and militarily, those Muslim nations  around Russia.

If Syria, Iran  had been truly empowered by Russia militarily , If Russia did not cowardly abandon Libya, the world, or the Middle East at least would have been stabilized  and in much better shape by now.

Lips servicing and grand scheme wording cannot change a thing.  What has Russia done while the destructive force- the Jewish Anglo-Zionist has been actually empowered their vassals around the world and particularly those surround Russia? Syria is the case in point of a reluctant and insincere Russia, if not being naive about the true intention of the Jewish Anglo-Zionist.

We will see very soon by the end of this decade.