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The Tao of Anarchy: There is no God. There is no State. They are all superstitions that are established by the power-hunger psychopaths to divide, rule, and enslave us. It's only you and me, we are all true and real existence though in one short life. That is, We all are capable to freely interact with one another without coercion from anyone. We all are capable to take self-responsibility to find ways to live with one another in liberty, equality, harmony, and happiness before leaving this world forever. We all were born free and equal among all beings on this planet. We are not imprisoned in and by a place with a political name just because we were born there by chance. We are not chained to a set of indoctrinated beliefs that have been imposed upon us by so-called traditions. This Planet is home to all of us. No one owns it. We share the benefits from and responsibility to this Earth. We pledge no oath, no allegiance to no one; submit to no authority. We are all free and equal. The only obligation we all must undertake constantly with consistency is to respect the same freedoms and rights of others.

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Putin Told You So: It’s The Jews All Along

Putin Told You So


Only a few hours ago, I released the Q & A from FBI Anon.  The FIRST question asked  in that article was regarding an “ally” that shared intel.  Anon knew immediately it was Isreal leaking information.  NBC has now confirmed this.  See below from the article earlier today Readers and Viewers of VL Ask FBI Anon Their Own Questions.

“TOM asked:  The news is exploding that Trump shared intel with Russians from an “ally” in the middle east and the ally is very upset. This is in regards to an Isis plot regarding airplanes and laptops.

A:  The “ally” not being named is Israel, and they are mad as hell at Trump.  Israel is furious because they got caught with their pants down. Lets get to the point. Isis was created by Israel and the US to weaken Iran and topple Assad. Billions in profits at stake. Israel has developed the technology to remote control airlines via laptops. A false flag was being prepared. Trump discussed it with Russian officials, exposing the “plot” McMaster pitched, and now all hell has broken loose. Trump did a wonderful thing in my opinion.  We do not need anymore Isis false flags… ”

Indeed, the Israelis did leak a false flag to Trump.

Apparently, they had planned to use a new remote control technology developed at Unit 8200 to take down a Russian airline via hack, and then blame it on Isis.  With a couple hundred Russian civilians shot out of the sky, the aim was to create backlash at home for Putin.
In March of this year, Unit 8200 successfully completed testing on the program in conjunction with Israel Defense Forces and Mossad.  They can now hack planes out of the sky.
Now, here is where it gets interesting. Trump may have shot the Deep State in the foot by accident, according to our source. The intel was only supposed to be kept within our domain… and after the Russian false flag, the US intel would state they were aware of such technology, and Putin should have been.  In other words, Trump may have just saved the world via loose lips…

Hail to the Chief! and Other News

by Scott Humor

“Russia will always side with the forces of peace, with those who opt for equal partnership, who reject wars as contrary to the very essence of life and the nature of man.”

Vladimir Putin at the military parade to mark the 72nd anniversary of victory in the 1941–1945 Great Patriotic War

Hail to the Chief!

President Putin made an announcement during Wednesday’s press conference following a meeting with the Italian Prime Minister.

“If the US administration deems it possible, we are ready to provide the Senate and Congress with the transcript of the conversation between Lavrov and Trump.”

Press statements and answers to journalists’ questions following Russian-Italian talks:

An official translation of President Putin’s answer is still upcoming, but the following is my translation:

“As for the results of the visit of Foreign Minister Lavrov to the United States and his meeting with President Trump, we consider it to be successful. This was a return visit of our Minister of Foreign Affairs after the Secretary of State Tillerson’s visit to Moscow. This is a natural and normal international practice.

At the same time, we see that in the United States is currently developing the form of political schizophrenia – this is the only way I can explain the charges levied on the acting US President alleging that he revealed some kind of secrets to Lavrov.

By the way, today while discussing this issue with Lavrov, I had to issue him a warning, because he had not shared any secrets neither with me, nor with the representatives of Russian security services. This is very bad on his part.

Moreover, if the United States administration will find it possible, we are ready to provide a record of the conversation between Lavrov and President Trump to the Senate and Congress of the United States. Of course, if the U.S. administration wants it.

Initially, when we were watched the process of political struggles developing in the U.S. it made me laugh. What’s happening today, it is not just sad, it’s a carouse of a great concern, because what else can we think of people who generate such nonsense, such nonsense… it is hard to imagine. All this is done to incite anti-Russian sentiments.

I know what surprises me the most. They are destabilizing the political situation in the United States under anti-Russian slogans. They either don’t understand that they are bringing harm to their own country, in this case they are just stupid, or they understand everything, and in this case they are a dangerous and unscrupulous people.

In any case, it is a matter of the United States domestic politics. We are not going to interfere in it. It is also not up to us to evaluate President Trump, it is up to the American people, the American voters. But of course, they can only do so after he has an opportunity to conduct his work freely .”

Like with any full blown hysterical feats orchestrated by the corporate media and some of the U.S. politicians, the matter concerns Israel.

Watching these events unfolding keep in mind the following:

  1. Israel is an “ally” behind the terror threat of using the laptops to take down civilian aircraft.
  2. Israel is furious because it was something they planned for some time.
  3. Israel has the technology to remote control airliners via laptops.
  4. There have been rumors circulating in Russia prior to this meeting that Israel was instrumental to the crashes of Russian airliners, and that they are using the Islamic State as a cover for their operation.
  5. Trump mentioning this terror threat to Lavrov that confirmed that was already known.
  6. Any terror attack on the Russian passenger flights would directly point at Israel.

Here is the brief to the point post, Did Trump “Accidentally” Save The World?. Thanks the Kulak for sharing the link../.

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