Dear my fellow human beings in the western world,
jewsHave you noticed the number of petty terror has increased in your major cities (London, Paris, Brussels etc) recently, despite the fact that billion dollar state -of-the-art security mechanism and draconian measures have been implemented upon you and your societies at the expense of your freedom and privacy?

Have you ever wondered why  those terrorists who hate you have  just focused their threats mainly at your airports, particularly inside areas of airports where it’s very hard for them to get in,  instead of much high-yield and easier methods such as  planting bombs in more open crowded places like open markets, music concerts, and sporting events ? ( like Boston marathon-  I mean with not a pressure cooker and all the dummies)- Oh Yeah! The terrorists  might hate those travelers more  than those music and sport lovers eh!

That’s why they don’t choose to kill you, your families, your children in your open market places, your musical concerts, or your sport stadiums, places in which they would kill you and your families easily in large number.

I KNOW for THE FACT that  They HATE you for your freedoms and values so much that your easy death just cannot satisfy them at all.

That’s why they prefer to scare and threaten you mainly but not only at your own airports so that you and your families, your children, your wife, your daughters, your husbands, even your month old infants will be surely humiliated, violated by your very own people. In this way, they will have their full satisfactions. in seeing your human dignity violated by your very own governments. In seeing all of your freedoms  trampled, and you all become sheeples will surely give them ultimate satisfactions.

Don’t take me wrong. I am not a conspiracy theorist with all make-up stories like the people who authored the Warren Report, or the 911 Commission Report or Sadam WMD Report…

I do, not only  believe there are terrorists out there and that they really hate you, REALLY REALLY HATE YOU for your freedoms,  but also have seen them in troves by myself… in all of your major cities,. at high-level government buildings, and major institutions.

Do you know WHO really  your enemy are now? Can you recognize THEM and your TRAITORS now?

If you don’t and you cannot. Well you all deserve THEM.

Right now, the true terrorists are laughing all the way to their promised land, the land of terror!