Where Is Carl Vinson Strike Group? White House Does Not Even Know!


Trong tuần vừa qua, thằng hề Xì Trum tuyên bố đã gửi  “hạm đội tác chiến” USS Carl Vinson đến bán đảo Triều tiên để “răn đe” thằng bé Ủn. Tất cả báo chí chính qui đều loan tin y như bọn chúng đang nhìn thấy hạm đội này tại bán đảo Triều Tiên rồi!

  • Nào là sẽ bắn vào ngay nếu như Bắc Hàn thử hỏa tiễn
  • Nào là đã dùng vũ khí “La-De Phản Tuyến” từ  USS Carl Vinson phá hủy tên lửa của Bắc Hàn
  • Và rằng sẽ bắn tiếp bất cứ tên lửa nào của Bắc Hán nếu tiếp tục bắn thử v.v va2 v.v

Thê nhưng sự thật cái hạm đội ghê gớm này đang lẩn quẩn tại vùng Đông Nam Á tập trận với con chó cún của Mỹ Do Thai là thằng bé Úc Thòi Lòi rồi qua ăn nhậu tại Tân Gia Ba … Tất cả xong rồi mới tà tà bóng ngả về Biển Nhật và Hàn… Mà theo “dự đoán”, dự đoán thôi,  là phải tuần tới mới đến nơi… Cho nên,  cũng có “khả năng chẳng bao giời thèm đến gần biển Nhật – Hàn làm gì lúc này … khi tình hình trong vài ngày sắp đến xì hơi, không còn nhu cầu hù dọa quần chúng đầu cứt (dumbshit) của các xứ Âu Mỹ Úc nữa. Mọi chuyện sẽ lại chìm vào quên lãng … chờ dịp khác!

Theo sự lý giải và phê phán của các “chiên da” gốc Mẽo chính hiệu, thì đây là chỉ dấu chỉ huy lủng củng của thằng hề  “Commander in Tweet” Xì Trump….

Chỉ “tôi nghiệp” cho bọn thờ chính phủ, thờ Mỹ như bọn ngụy ngục, đang hùng hổ đanh đấm khoe khoang bố Mỹ tao “ngầu”…Bây giờ biết làm sao!  Carl Vinson ơi, giờ này em ở đâu?


Trump’s North Korea “Armada” Was Fake News

2 days ago

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by James Corbett
April 22, 2017

Given how tense things have been on the Korean peninsula lately, it would be hard to imagine how the perilous North Korean/American military standoff could get any more dangerous. And then a headline like this comes along: “U.S. Reroutes Warships Toward Korean Peninsula in Show of Force.”

Just to get everyone up to speed, here’s the story so far (in Star Wars opening scroll form, no less!):

The Korean peninsula is in crisis! The evil General Jong-un, angered by the Empire’s Foal Eagle, has threatened a “super mighty pre-emptive strike” against the forces of Emperor Trump. Grieving for his fallen grandfather, Jong-un displays his most fearsome papier-mâché weapons. Emperor Trump consorts with Grand Leader Xi of Planet ChiCom, plying him with enchanted Mar-a-Lago cake and enticing him to join the Empire with a truce in the currency war. Then, word comes that the Emperor’s armada is bearing down on Korea…

That’s right, after a decade of disquiet over North Korea’s nuclear program (thanks, Donald Rumsfeld!), years of fears over rising defense budgets and military exercises and armament upgrades, months of melodrama over North Korea’s missile launches, and weeks of worry over North Korea’s annual military parade and South Korea’s political turmoil, the US decides to ratchet the mayhem up to eleven by sending a freaking armada into Korean waters!…

…Or at least that’s what we were told. By The New York Times, no less. And they’re the infallible, unimpeachable, venerable paper of record, so it must be true! As always, they were first out of the gates with their crack reporting on the fearsome armada: “The commander of American forces in the Pacific has ordered an aircraft carrier and several other warships toward the Korean Peninsula in a show of force by the Trump administration just days after North Korea tested another intermediate-range missile.”

There’s only one problem with that story: It was totally false. Completely wrong. Fake news. It turns out the armada was 3,500 miles away from Korea and heading in the exact opposite direction when the MSM started flipping its lid over this “incredible escalation.”

Pictured: Not an armada not sailing toward not Korea

As the Times now reports: “White House officials said Tuesday that they had been relying on guidance from the Defense Department. Officials there described a glitch-ridden sequence of events, from an ill-timed announcement of the deployment by the military’s Pacific Command to a partially erroneous explanation by the defense secretary, Jim Mattis — all of which perpetuated the false narrative that a flotilla was racing toward the waters off North Korea.”

So of course the upstanding and truth-telling editors of the trusty and honorable New York Times admitted that they had run a bogus report without even a cursory attempt to verify any of its particulars, right?

Nah, they’re just making fun of the Trump administration. “Paging the Trump Armada” they joke in their latest op-ed, enjoying a good laugh at the expense of that goofy Sean Spicer, forced into defending another “official fantasy” with another failed attempt to square the circle of Trump’s lies.

The rest of the always-honest, never-wrong MSM followed suit in both instances, reporting on the armada after the Times‘ first headline and blaming the administration for the mistake after the Times issued its non-retraction retraction.

To be fair, they’re not wrong. The fact is that the Emperor of the United States poured gasoline on this fake story by telling Fox News flat out: “We are sending an armada. Very powerful. We have submarines. Very powerful, far more powerful than the aircraft carrier, that I can tell you.”

Now that we know the story was a flat-out lie, the implication of this quotation is stunning. Did the “leader of the free world” deliberately fan the flames of potential nuclear war by playing along with a story about a military deployment that he knew was not taking place? Or, even more chillingly, was he blindsided by the story and made comments about a deployment that he falsely assumed to be happening? Either way, those of us who benefit from not being caught in the middle of nuclear Armageddon might want to question the teleprompter-in-chief’s 12D chess strategy.

But think how much scarier this situation is when we consider that the MSM dutifully reported on this non-deployment as if it were real. We’re in the midst of their months-long campaign to indoctrinate the public into believing that there are a bunch of wild-eyed, lying conspiracy mongers in the alternative media who, they charge, are trying to fool the public with fake news. One of the key defining characteristics of this “fake news” brigade, we are told, is that they don’t attempt to verify stories before passing them along and they don’t retract or even admit their mistakes when they’re caught out.

But here we have the entire MSM acting as the dutiful stenographers for the White House that they so obviously are and then blaming the White House when they’re caught passing along lies. You would think even one reporter in those well-staffed newsrooms of the MSM dinosaurs would have bothered to check where this “armada” was actually heading before filing the report, wouldn’t you? Well, you would’ve thought wrong, apparently.

But don’t be too tough on the poor Old Gray Lady. After all, the truth is hard.

Meanwhile, the leaders of this Star Wars space opera continue their games and enjoy watching the rest of us dance the nuclear cha-cha-cha. Because even if all of these “tensions” are an elaborate scam that’s just meant to scare up some money for the military-industrial cancer, it’s incidents like this one that could start a very real incident. All it takes is the wrong military hothead on the wrong day getting the wrong signal from the wrong direction for a completely fabricated story about a completely fictional armada to kick off a real war. And, as always, it’s the little people down here at the bottom of the power pyramid who bear the brunt of these power plays.

Pictured: Osaka city government manual on how to survive a North Korean missile strike

Well, if the MSM are right about anything, they’re right about this: We’re living in an era of fake news and it has to end now.


The Voyage of the Good Ship Carl Vinson

By Ken Meyercord

What I believe to be the true significance of the mix-up over the wanderings of the USS Carl Vinson has been entirely missed, even by the alternative media. I think it provides an intriguing insight into the machinations of the nefarious, secretive – some say nonexistent – “Deep State”.

On April 8th Pacific Command announced that the Vinson (previously famous for being the carrier from which Osama bin Laden’s body was unceremoniously dumped in the presence of only a few top officers) was headed for Korea, a show of resolve lauded by the ever trigger-happy corporate media. On April 12th, in an interview on Fox, President Trump confirmed an armada was headed for the war-zone (we’re still technically at war with North Korea), a claim repeated later that day by administration spokesman, Sean Spicer. Then, on April 17th it was revealed that the Good Ship Lollygag was actually meandering around the Indian Ocean on its way to maneuvers with the Australian navy.

Was the announcement of the Vinson’s departure for Korea a ruse, meant to frighten the North Koreans and disrupt their military-hardware-boasting celebration of the 105th birthday of the state’s founder (on April 15th)? Was President Trump in on the joke, or did he really not know where one of the aircraft carrier battlegroups he commands was headed (only 3 of our 10 carriers were “in theater” at the time; seems like even he could keep track)?

If Trump didn’t know what the Vinson’s course was, it speaks volumes about who is actually in charge of our foreign policy. Who made the decision to send, or pretend to send, the Vinson to the Sea of Japan? This is no minor foreign policy decision as things go, considering the present chest-beating over North Korea. If Trump didn’t make it, who did? The admiral in charge of the Pacific fleet? Possibly, but the military’s role is to execute policy, not make it, especially at that level. If not him, who – some unknown personages deep within the bowels of the National Security Council? Were even these powerful troglodytes taking orders from some more profound puppeteers?

Those who would attribute the confusion over the Vinson to a simple misunderstanding between two branches of our government argue that the President simply misspoke, as is his wont. Or that he and the Pacific Command were misunderstood in that they, like a cable repairman who promises to be at your house on Tuesday between 10 and 2 but doesn’t specify what week, meant that the Vinson would someday be stationed off the coast of North Korea, which is true enough as the ship is now belatedly headed that way.

That the Vinson’s deployment has just now been extended by a month suggests the decision to send it north was only made after its much ballyhooed appearance on the frontlines failed to materialize. When its absence became public knowledge, the South Koreans went apoplectic, as they saw it as a bluff the North Koreans called and won. They question whether our commitment to come to their defense in case of attack is also a bluff. In light of our ally’s nervous reaction, we had little choice but to have the Vinson make an appearance, no matter how tardy, off their shore.

Questions about a Deep State raised by the soggy saga of the Vinson echo similar questions raised by another potentially revealing episode: the Stuxnet incident. This ingenious software implanted in Iranian nuclear controls caused hundreds of their centrifuges to explode. Who made the decision to carry out the sabotage, and who knew about it before Stuxnet’s malicious success was announced by the Iranians in 2010? Did Secretary of State Clinton know as she negotiated with the Iranians over their nuclear program, or was she oblivious as to why the Iranians were so hostile, they knowing but not yet revealing what she didn’t know: that the US had committed an act of war against them?

Trump’s ignorance concerning the whereabouts of the Vinson suggests even a President can be out of the loop when it comes to foreign policy (maybe Obama’s memoir will shed some light on this; if so, his $65-million advance will be money well spent.) Even without postulating a Deep State, what responsible member of our national security apparatus would entrust our deepest secrets to a buffoon who is likely to post them in a tweet (“@realDonaldTrump: Just told nuclear launch code. So obvious! Only four letters and rhymes with ‘tire’.”).

Obviously, the evidence backing up my speculations is thin (that’s what “deep” implies), but a world turned murky by mirrored machines belching smoke, curtains shut tight against the light, and suspicious shadows lurking in the dark legitimizes – in fact, demands – speculation, so long as we keep it wide-eyed, but not wild-eyed.

Ken Meyercord is a retiree living in the Washington, DC area, where he haunts think-tank events by asking impertinent questions of the pompous, the hypocritical, and the dishonest. He recently published his memoir of the Vietnam War years, Draft-Dodging Odyssey (under the penname Ken Kiask). He can be reached at: kiaskfm@verizon.net. Read other articles by Ken.

This article was first published by Dissident Voice