Turkey Referendum: CIA-NATO Operation to Tip the Balance of Power

In this exclusive Newsbud Roundtable Sibel Edmonds, Professor Filip Kovacevic, and award winning geopolitical analyst William Engdahl examine the rising tensions between Turkey and the European Union- specifically Holland and Germany. This panel of top experts discusses the important upcoming Turkish Referendum and Operation Gladio B’s covert and overt actions to destabilize Turkey, in an attempt to tip the balance of power.  Do not miss this in-depth one-hour analysis with top regional experts, analysts and commentators hosted by Spiro Skouras.

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Show Notes

The Lost Hegemon: Whom the Gods Would Destroy

Golan Heights, Israel, Oil and Trump

CIA-NATO to Eliminate Turkish President Prior to April Referendum

Merkel-Erdogan Dispute Ratchets Up Before Turkish Referendum

Merkel tells Turkey’s Erdogan to stop Nazi taunts

Turkey, Germany tensions increase over spying allegations

Netherlands ‘will pay the price’ for blocking Turkish visit – Erdoğan

Turkey deports Dutch cows

Erdogan: Turkey may hold EU accession referendum

Five reasons Erdogan will win the Turkish referendum

Is this the end of Turkey’s flirtation with Europe?

‘Western media biased on Turkey’s referendum’

How Europe boosts Russia-Turkey ties

Turkey determined to test NATO

Erdogan Says Upset About Interest Moscow, Washington Showing to Syrian Kurds

Is Manbij the latest Kurdish poke in Erdogan’s eye?

US, Russia counter Erdogan in Syria as Kurds get shield

Checkmate in Syria: Erdogan’s gambit with Putin is not paying off

US-Turkey deal on ISIS assault? Why that’s a tough sell for Tillerson.

US Consulate phone called coup mastermind after coup, judicial sources say

Are some U.S. charter schools helping fund controversial Turkish cleric’s movement?

Former school employees admit to transferring US public funds to FETÖ

Gulen casts a large shadow over Turkey’s ties with West

Michael Flynn Was Paid to Represent Turkey’s Interests During Trump Campaign

Turkish client paid $530,000 to Michael Flynn’s consulting firm

Woolsey: Flynn discussed sending Erdogan foe back to Turkey

Gas From Israel And The Flynn Wiretapping – Behind The Deep-State Infighting Over The Trump Election