The #SyriaStrikes: An Open Source Investigation

    • vicj says:

      Tells it all. It was for show and according to my source who is 15km from the AP in Syria, the locals say it was for retaliation for Israeli Jet shot down and has been planned since then including the False Flag gas attack.

      Putin allows Trump et al to save face, Israel gets some payback, the airport is relatively unharmed very little collateral damage considering 59 Cruise missiles were launched. Putin will replace the planes, Assad will fix the Airport, people will forget about the false flag gas attack, Trump, and the war hawks will have their “we’re in charge” moment and Raytheon will need to replace the $83mil worth of missiles spent.

      Win-win and Assad stays in while all the MSM fake news saber rattling makes it sound like Assad must go. If the USA gets into this any deeper and harder I have no doubt Putin and Iran will not let this happen. And Erdogan, well, he’s in a megalomaniacal delusional world of his own and will dow whatever he needs to feed his agenda.

      • mkey says:

        One thing that far too often goes completely ignored: preparation for these strikes and large troop movements alike takes time. Deployment takes time. Planning takes time.

        The problem: emotional reactions and public outrage are very short lived.

      • ray.m says:

        I think you hit the nail on the head.
        I’ve been thinking about for the past couple days and come to pretty much the same conclusions that you have. It makes me wonder if Assad Is going to pretend to rebuild this airport and throw in some makeshift buildings and old planes so the war hawks can waste more money shooting up some more desert.
        It wouldn’t surprise me. Maybe that way we can confine damage to one small location and avoid hurting innocence.

        I think firing 59 cruise missiles was a little bit overkill, and a hell of a waste of money. But maybe the cruise missiles were getting close to their expiry date.

        I have no doubt that Trump new that the gas attack was a false flag. That’s why everyone was warned ahead of time.
        It might be cheaper next time though to send a Assad 5 million bucks to build a target range so the US war hawks will have something to shoot at. In that way lying corrupt fake news networks have something to report. And maybe the war hawks will shut up for a while.

        World War III is not something any sane person on earth should be looking forward to.

        The world is just a stage.

    • oliviadestandau says:

      Thought this would be a good addition for info:

      Apparently (and so very shockingly!) the rebels held chemicals at this site. Who knew!?

  • mkey says:

    Reply to Pablo de Boer

    Senator Black looks a bit jittery, hopefully he won’t get suicided and/or get a hear attack over an accidental digitalis overdose.

  • atmosphere17 says:

    Hey James here are all of my main sources that I think do a great job of unraveling this whole thing so far:

    Robert Parry on how the same NYT lying journalist who got us into Iraq are again falsely drumming up support for another war in Syria:

    Nafeez Ahmed exploring the Kissinger connection and the strategic thinking behind the White House’s actions:

    Dean Baker asking the question: how much did Trumps buddies make by betting on oil futures? Big question is how much money Trump’s buddies made betting on futures?

    Moon of Alabama with a good analysis and arguments for why it was likely the rebels that did this:

    OPCW official urging caution and sayingn we dont know who did it

    Vijay Prishad on why its unlikely Assad did it and how its unknown who did but likely the rebels:

    Another good account of how the rebels stand to gain everything from this, qui bono?

    More Robert Parry on the lies of NYT and an honest history of the whole CW’s lies

    Good analysis of events by Middle Eastern reporter on teh ground in teh area who is very honest and reliable:

    Mnar Muhawesh interview dissecting the lies of the govt narrative

    My accoutn of how Trump effectively sent a message to the extremists that they can use chemical weapons and the US wont look for evidence or proof and just blame it on Assad, and in that way can easily call in US airstrikes to improve their battlefield positons

    A good round up w links by Mnar right after the CW attacks took place, asking the right questions and bringing up how the rebels have CW and used them before

    Hope these help!

  • atmosphere17 says:

    Heres more info on the White House plan as it was before the CW attack, how they were pursuing a path of military occupation in the guise of “fighting ISIS” that was meant to balkanize and break up the country:

    More on US/Europe plan to split up the country:

  • VoiceOfArabi says:

    Hello James….

    Nice summery of the day Mr. Corbett…. You might have to start making one of these every day (off course, i am joking as I know how much work it takes to put one of these together!!)… It is reports like this, done in less than 24 hours, that makes Corbett Report Unique in all the World Wide Web…

    Keep up the excellent work….

    Thank you.

  • Pablo de Boer says:

    Oil rises, near one-month high after U.S. missile strike in Syria

  • Pablo de Boer says:

    US said it had proof of WMDs, 1mn people died – Bolivia envoy at UNSC meeting on Syria strike

  • Pablo de Boer says:

    And controlled + Fake (Same) News MSM uses as usual the same headlines…

    Russia says U.S. strike ‘illegitimate,’ attempt to distract from Iraq

    Russia says U.S. strike an ‘illegitimate’ attempt to distract from Iraq

    Russia says US strike ‘illegitimate,’ attempt to distract from Iraq

    Russia says US strike ‘illegitimate,’ attempt to distract from Iraq

    Russia says U.S. strike ‘illegitimate,’ attempt to distract from Iraq

    Russia says U.S. strike ‘illegitimate,’ attempt to distract from Iraq

  • HomeRemedySupply says:

    UN Security Council April 7 – Russia’s statement
    Russia’s UN representative Vladimir Safronkov chides the United States at the Security Council Meeting for destroying mid-east countries and brings up that evidence of the chemical attacks by the Syrian regime is sorely lacking.

    Vladimir Safronkov twitter –

    Wed April 5th at the UN
    Speaking at the Security Council meeting on Wednesday, Russia’s deputy UN ambassador Vladimir Safronkov said that the US-drafted resolution blaming Assad for Tuesday’s “gas attack” in Idlib province was based on “falsified reports from the White Helmets“, an organization that has been “discredited long ago”.
    YouTube 4 minutes –
    Article with photos –
    RussiaInsider twitter –


    Department of State Rex Tillerson statements

  • Pablo de Boer says:

    Donald Trump blames Barack Obama’s ‘weakness’ for Syria chemical attack – despite tweeting against intervention

    Donald Trump called the Assad regime’s chemical attack in Idlib a “consequence of the past administration’s weakness”, but his Twitter archive shows he previously advocated staying “out of Syria”.

    Dozens of people, including children, were killed on Tuesday in what was feared to be the worst chemical weapon attack in Syria in four years.

  • Azra says:

    Thank you for this James. This is a bit of my research which I feel is relevant to the current unfolding which you may already have.

    “Gas From Israel And The Flynn Wiretapping – Behind The Deep-State Infighting Over The Trump Election” excerpt:

    The former director of the CIA under Clinton, James Woolsey, went to the Wall Street Journal and offered some information (likely some true and some false) on the retired General Flynn and the lobbying businesses he was involved in. Woolsey is an arch-neoconservative. He had worked on the transition team of Trump but got fired over “growing tensions over Trump’s vision for intelligence agencies.” Flynn is the former National Security Advisor of Trump who later also got fired. Woolsey was a board member of Flynn’s former lobbying company FIG.

    Woolsey claims: In September 2016 he took part in a meeting between Flynn and high level Turkish officials, including the Turkish foreign minister and the energy minister who is the son of the Turkish president Erdogan. During the meeting, Woolsey claims, a brainstorming took place over how the Turkish cult leader Fethullah Gülen could -probably by illegal means- be removed from the U.S. and handed over to Turkey.
    The meeting Woolsey described was under the “Turkish” Flynn contract. The Turkish business man, and owner of Inovo, Ekim Alptekin is a member of the Erdogan gang. But hidden at the very end of the WSJ story is the real key to understand the shady network:

    Inovo hired Mr. Flynn on behalf of an Israeli company seeking to export natural gas to Turkey, the filing said, and Mr. Alptekin wanted information on the U.S.-Turkey political climate to advise the gas company about its Turkish investments.

    An Israeli company (or whoever is behind it) wants a gas pipeline to Turkey. It hires Flynn and Alptekin to arrange a positive climate for the Leviathan pipeline within the Turkish government. It offers Flynn more than half a million for a little (4-month long) influence work. His job is to create a “friendly atmosphere” for the deal by using his influence in the U.S. to accommodate Erdogan. A major point that is expected from Flynn is to arrange the handover of Gülen, by whatever means, from the U.S. to Erdogan.

    More at source:

    • Azra says:

      Michael Flynn Was Paid to Represent Turkey’s Interests During Trump Campaign | New York Times | March 10, 2017 |

      Turkish client paid $530,000 to Michael Flynn’s consulting firm | March 8, 2017 | USA Today |

      Woolsey: Flynn discussed sending Erdogan foe back to Turkey | March 25, 2017 | CNN |

      • Azra says:

        Please note that former CIA head and chairman of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, James Woolsey is on the board of Genie Energy along with Dick Cheney, Jacob Rothschild, Rupert Murdoch, Bill Richardson, Larry Summers and Michael Steinhardt.

        The Israeli subsidiary of Genie Energy, Afek Oil & Gas has been given permission to drill for oil on the Golan Heights. Genie Energy announced in January 2017 that it had created Atid Drilling Ltd. “an on-shore drilling services venture based in Israel to drill for oil in the Golan Heights among other places. They will expand the drilling by Genie Energy’s subsidiary Afek Oil & Gas which since the October, 2015 announcement has completed five exploratory wells in Golan Heights.”

        “The creation of Atid Drilling by Genie confirms they are convinced based on the preliminary drilling results that there is something “big” in Golan. A month later, in mid-February soon after Trump is sworn in as President, Netanyahu flies to Washington to discuss US recognition of Israel’s annexation of Golan Heights.

        “A few weeks later, Israel violates the Syrian airspace in an act of war, escalating tensions over the Golan Heights. Then on March 22, in an appearance before the US Senate Defense Appropriations Committee, Defense Secretary James Mattis called for Congress to formally authorize use of US military force against ISIS/DAESH in Syria.”

        Source article at NEO by F. William Engdahl: Golan Heights, Israel, Oil and Trump

        • Azra says:

          The Golan Heights are Syrian and are illegally occupied by Israel | December 19, 2016

          Britain, Netherlands and Ireland condemn Israeli violations of international law in the Occupied Syrian Golan.

          MP Tobias Ellwood* the British Foreign Office Minister for the Middle East and Africa, reiterated on November 29, 2016 that the British government regards the Golan Heights as “Occupied Territory” and “[continues] to call on Israel as the Occupying Power” to “comply with its obligations under international law, including the Fourth Geneva Convention.”

          He issued the statement in response to a question asked by MP Richard Burden as to what discussions the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs has had with Israeli officials about “demolitions, settlement expansion and land appropriation in the Occupied Syrian Golan.”

          The foreign ministers of Ireland and the Netherlands also recently condemned Israeli settlement expansion, land confiscation, and oil drilling in the occupied Syrian Golan, al-Marsad: Arab Human Rights Center reports. Commenting on these developments, al-Marsad encouraged concerned parties to take action:
          International concern about the Israeli occupation over the Syrian Golan Heights has mounted since Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed in April that “the Golan Heights will always remain in Israel’s hands” and “Israel will never withdraw from the Golan Heights.” The provocative statements inspired U.S. and EU representatives to assure the world that their respective bodies still do not consider the Golan Heights a part of Israel.

          Israel forcibly transferred 130,000 Syrians from the Golan and destroyed 300 of its towns and villages in 1967 to clear the way for its illegal occupation. Estimates suggest that Israeli authorities deny the right to return to as many as half a million displaced Syrian Golan exiles today.


          *Tobias Ellwood was recently in the headlines as the British MP who is said to have provided CPR to the police officer stabbed during the recent “London Attack” which occurred on March 22, 2017.

          • Azra says:

            Act of Revenge. Observations from Syrian political commentator Afra’a Dagher | April 7, 2017

            This is not humanitarianism, it is aggression and it is terrorism.

            It would be completely naive to accept American allegations about the supposed chemical attacks on Idlib which occurred three days ago. It was an obvious and odious lie which America then passed on as fact, without allowing a full independent investigation. Yet America believed it, or at least pretended to believe it and their response was to launch 59 American Tomahawk missiles on Syrian airfield Al- Sha’ayrat in Homs province.

            The Al-Sha’ayrat airbase was the place from which Syria fired anti-missile Sam rockets at attacking Israeli warplanes, two weeks ago. Syria downed one of the four warplanes, hit another and forced the remaining two fighter jets to quickly fly out of Syrian airspace.

            This sent a strong message to Israel, a state which continues to illegally occupy Syrian territory, in addition to the decades long occupation of Palestine.


  • shanbos says:

    Donald Trump just proved who he works for (not that was any doubt on this), elections are as Larken Rose said, and the Rothschild’s are getting one more off the list. North Korea is next then Iran. Mean while they get richer along the way!

    Someone please tell me how I’m wrong on this if I am

  • Pablo de Boer says:

    US strike helping ISIS, Al-Qaeda, the enemy US supposed to fight against – Ron Paul

  • mkey says:

    I’d like to see the issue of “Trump didn’t have the right info” brought into the spotlight. This theme creeps into the conversation from various alt-news sources, claiming that Trump did this because he had wrong information. I mention alt-news sources explicitly because main stream news providers won’t even go as far as claim that something’s off with this attack, obviously.

    Lets consider this matter logically for a second. While it may be certainly very plausible Trump didn’t have correct information, since covert actions or simply truth can be hidden from someone positioned as highly as POTUS, why not honor the proper legal procedure? Does Trump not know he’s supposed to bring this issue in front of congress instead of single-handedly attacking some entity?

    I submit to you that Trump knew exactly what he’s doing, going against the law, common sense and his past statements. Suggesting otherwise only serves to dilute the conversation.

  • Mohawk Man says:

    James–this is taking a dangerous turn. The Pentagon is now rethinking and may believe Russia did the gassing. This is a major problem. This is obviously bullshit but we know who runs the Pentagon. I also consider eugenics in this equation. An extinction event.

    Was Trump Brownstoned?

    These are very dangerous people. Maybe President Kushner can calm things down.

  • World Peace Now says:

    Two items of concern we hear little if anything about from Western media:

    1) The Golan Heights is a part of Syria occupied by Israel since the 1980’s and Condemned by a U.N. Resolution. Genie Oil Company, based in New Jersey, has recently discovered a rich oil field in the Golan Heights. The investors are the usual suspects – Jacob Rothschild, Dick Cheney among others.

    2) This attack comes on the 100th anniversary of the U.S.A. entry into World War I. It represents a major step to the Israeli realization of the Yinon plan (Greater Israel Plan).

    When shall America cease acting as Israel’s bitch?

  • Pablo de Boer says:

    ‘Dog returns to its own vomit: We forgot lesson of Iraq’ – frmr UK ambassador to Syria on US strike

  • Mohawk Man says:

    Not Sarin gas but Phosgene is now suspected by some scientists. A chlorine derivative and more in line with the symptomology displayed by the victims.

  • Azra says:

    CIA documents from September 14, 1983 explain how they will takeover Syria:

    WikiLeaks: US, Israel, And Saudi Arabia Planned Overthrow Of Syrian Government In 2006:

  • mkey says:

    Oooh, did we miss the fact this attack happened on the 100th year anniversary of US entering WWI? How poetical.

  • rueckl1b says:

    Something is strange here. I watched RT Europe this evening for 2 hours in kind of an endless-loop. The airfield runways were not damaged, no such pics shown. No damaged aircraft shown (despite claims that 6 were destroyed), no radar station damaged shown. All RT showed was a hole in an aircraft bunker, ruble in front of an aircraft bunker, a small crater and some stains on the concrete of the runway.
    Unfortunately that was all in RT-TV so no link available.
    Also on there is no real damage shown in any of the articles.

    Is that all that 23 tomahawk hits can achieve for 800.000 EUR a piece?
    Something is definitely not right here.
    Why does RT not show the real damage if there is any?

    In essence: The US military is seemingly not capable to execute a proper military strike and Russia seems not capable to do proper propaganda.

    Just puzzled …

    What is going on here?

    • BeaverBill says:

      I normally don’t promote TYT, after they went Hillary stupid and knee jerk journalism, but this one is actually a good back and forth. (min 20:00 approx. for the nitty gritty but is not bad listening from the beginning)

    • krimsomking says:

      The lack of real damage seems similar to the lack of victims shown before the strike on American Television. I saw the unfortunate child in a blue tarp carried by an adult and two adult males in white haz suits plastered behind the talking heads leading up to the strike. The pictures looked like a page out the Boston Marathon play book with less budget to me. Any thoughts?

  • mkey says:

    President Donald Trump Bombs Syria

    Stefan goes medieval on Trump. This video should make your average neocon’s head pop.

  • Pablo de Boer says:

    Under international supervision the Syrian Chemical Weapons were removed not so long ago..

    ORGANISATION FOR THE PROHIBITION OF CHEMICAL WEAPONS / Destruction of declared Syrian chemical weapons completed

    Removal of Chemical Weapons From Syria Is Completed

  • VoiceOfArabi says:

    Hello people…

    At 1900 hours Syrian time, two Syrian jet fighter took off from said airport and executed strikes on ISIS and alNussrah front..

    This confirms that the runways are not damaged…

    this also confirms that the USA is lying, and not 58 of the missiles hit their target.

    my question is: What happened to the missing missiles… Why are they missing… ???

  • Hsaive says:

    Useful perspectives:

    SITREP: Important update on the US attack on Syria

    Israel Gets Very worried as Russia Is Turning Syria into a Major Naval Base for Nuclear Warships


    Russia’s reaction to Trump’s missile attack on Syria

    Excellent report from Dr. Eowyn about Russia’s reaction to Trump’s Unlawful Syrian strike:

    RT: US missile strike killed people fighting terrorists – Assad’s top advisor – The US attack on Syria’s airbase is meant to “bolster terrorist morale” after the significant setbacks the jihadists have suffered at the hands of the Syrian army over past few weeks, President Assad’s political and media adviser, Bouthaina Shaaban said.

  • NES says:

    Outside the look on that woman’s face which was priceless! Go congressman. Take that fake news! We know nothing–bottom line.

    Consider this–Was there a strike either direction? Are TPTsB in bed together (Russian, US and China) posing a fake story for a larger political agenda? As I was told last night when the news hit the airwaves, “It’s cheaper to make up a story than actually use the resources and who would know unless they are on the ground in Syria without a bias? No one.” The person telling me this stated, “I’ve made up some whoppers that were swallowed by the CNN listening public hook, line and sinker. No one ever knew. That’s what we did.” We do know one thing, however, it diverts attention from the on-going impeach Trump narrative, WikiLeaks releases, Pedo-Gate and possible arrests of the elites uniting the hawks of war for the profit the elites will surely make on such a move.

  • Hsaive says:

    Israel Gets Very worried as Russia Is Turning Syria into a Major Naval Base for Nuclear Warships

  • Hsaive says:


  • NES says:

    Oh! I forgot. As the MSM weaves their narrative they will run lots of images of people running scared, weeping for little babies and generally being polarized into opposing groups in order to create the necessary fake sides scenario to divide us. Tried and true stuff. If the larger public does not buy into the new political narrative TPTsB may feel they have to start a real war to make the usual profits. Let’s hope we can avoid that one.

    I am SO impressed to read the comments herein. Few are being fooled by the MSM narrative. And YES, I’d agree. Watch the stock market in all the acting countries. See who benefits. Thanks James.

  • artemis says:

    It was my estimation, that the economy was right at the point of it obviously starting to collapse. This whole fiasco MUST have been planned, the response to the “sarin” attack was WAY too fast. This was planned long ago to divert from the massive theft happening elsewhere.

  • tillerman says:

    Another voice to follow regarding the recent chemical release is that of Syria native Kevork Almassian on his “Syriana Analysis” channel, where he posted the below video report, “False Flag Chemical Attack in Syria?”

    Of special note are a couple of observations he makes about the event regarding two tweets which appear to reveal some extraordinary knowledge about what may have transpired. The relevant portion of the video can be found at minute 6 and 18 seconds:

    False Flag Chemical Attack in Syria?

  • Rocco says:

    On the military industrial complex angle, let’s remember that in 2014 the Pentagon proposed halting purchases of new Tomahawk missiles, stating their inventory was full. Low and behold since then, between Libya and Syria, the Pentagon found a use for those Tomahawks. Funding for new Tomahawk purchases was restored to the tune of ~$2B.


  • PeaceFroggs says:

    CNN trying to blame Assad for chemical weapons use while they ignore Al Qeada and ISIS atrocities in Syria these past 4 or 5 years… think about that for a second…it’s unreal!!!

    • Pablo de Boer says:

      Dear PeaceFroggs

      watch this peace of BS by CNN, because it is not independent news coverage but pure imperialistic propaganda.

      2017 Chemical Attack in Syria – DISGUSTING FAKE NEWS FROM CNN.

      Syriana Analysis: Similar to 2013 chemical attack, the Western governments, and corporate mainstream media accusing the Syrian government of using chemical weapons, this time in Khan Shaykhun, in Idleb. This video discusses the disgusting and criminal usage of chemical weapons in Syria, indicating that it is not the Syrian government but the Islamist\terrorist groups behind the attacks. Watch:

      False Flag Chemical Attack in Syria?

      • PeaceFroggs says:

        Thanks for the links Pablo. Needless to say I had seen these already given I watch CNN almost every single day. Not because I’m some mindless zombie that believes everything CNN has to say about everything, rather because I consider myself “awake” and therefore look for the “bait and switch” or the anomaly within mainstream news “programming”.

        Seems like the switch here happened the day Trump demoted Steve Bannon and removed him from the National Security Council, therefore Trump was able to sweep this major shuffle aside by launching an attack on Syria. The demotion of Bannon would have been leading the news cycle for days, but instead we’re talking about a possible mission creep into Syria.

        Given Bannon helped Trump get elected on the premise Trump would be an “America first” and “no foreign entanglements” and “no regime change” type of President, this is a major shift in foreign policy.

        Trump: Gotcha suckers, bwahahahahahaha!

        But I think most of us here knew this was gonna happen, I however am surprised this “switch” happened so soon…I was expecting this to happen around late summer 2018 in the lead up to the mid term elections.

        For me, this signals Trump will be a one term President, time is short and Syria is of utmost importance for the tail that wags the dog.

        • Pablo de Boer says:

          Dear fellow human PeaceFroggs,

          I also read that Trump / Deep state kicked out Bannon. Bannon I consider self as each politician as a professional liar. But his opponent Jared Kushner is also an evil person. I heard and read about Jared’s ties with the Chabad, Chabad-Lubavitch, or Lubavitch cult (zionists). A guest on the The Official Hagmann & Hagmann Report, Dr Ted Broer, said that the Chabad cult is funded by the Mossad.

          WW III Starts in Syria: Colonel Sangari & Dr Ted Broer

          If you don’t know a lot about the Chabad cult, I can suggest you to read this article written by Brian Davis at the website of Henry Makow.

          Is Chabad a Racist Criminal Terrorist Jewish Cult?

          and also this website

          C H A B A D M A F I A

          And the Chabad cult have a House at Havard just like SKULL & BONES also have and who spoke their in 2003…

          Jared Kushner Speaks at Chabad House at Harvard, 2003

          Chabad House At Harvard – Harvard University

          And as we all know Jared Kushner’s wife is Ivanka Trump and they bought a house in DC.

          Businesswoman Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner have purchased a home in Washington DC in preparation for President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration. As a practicing Jewish couple, their impending move also necessitated joining a local synagogue. They Chose TheSHUL, a small synagogue run by international the Chabad Jewish community and outreach organization.

          Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner’s choice of neighborhood narrows the focus on Chabad

          And which Zionist state together with the banksters benefits he most from the war in Syria…..

          • PeaceFroggs says:

            Hey Pablo,

            Thanks for the links about Chabad and Kushner. I find them interesting on many levels.

            One, it shows that not all Jews or even Zionists are all monolithic, they have just as many factions as the rest of the worlds religions. Two, I know a few Jewish people, and they’re good people, some are rich, some are lower middle class, so for me we are all equal under the sun.

            As far as Kushner, I’m not sure what to make of him yet. We don’t know his political views really. We don’t know if he supported the attack on Syria, however if it is true that he talks to Netanyahu every Sunday, then yeah, probably safe to assume that more than likely he approved of the attack. The thing for me is that there were no senate confirmation hearings for Kushner, his appointment was pure nepotism.

  • BuddhaForce says:

    Neocon love for Trump – Bill Kristol on twitter

  • david b says:

    other trump tweets you may not know of:

    If obama attacks Syria and innocent civilians are hurt or killed, he and the US will look very bad

    The president must get congressional approval before attacking Syria-Big Mistake if he does not! ….Donald Trump, Aug 30, 2013 4PM

  • Mohawk Man says:

    Insider information transmitted to me. Trumps glass jaw is Ivanka. He loves his daughter and she has been befriended by Valerie Jarrets (Iranian born Communist Jew)”assets” and she is a taken woman and has taken them in to key positions in the WH.. She also has her fathers ear and he does love her and by association—-he is told what to do by Jared Kushner—who speaks to Netanyahu each Sunday /through her (it’s Kushner who speaks to Netanyahu on every Sunday)–and tells her what to do. (Jarret is an Iranian born Communist Jew who is Obama’s handler—a CIA/Mossad construct–quite obviously). Jerod Kushner’s real estate holdings:
    666 Fifth Avenue-no shit.

    I suggest this open source investigation look into what William Ayers and Bernadine Dorn are up to NOW (OPENLY Communist)—very quiet for some time–they’re up to something. Lets find out. Remember when the FBI infiltrated The Weather Underground and Ayers stated–he would have the Communists infiltrate and 30 million would be killed–(population was half what it is today–so say 100 million slaughtered–infiltration of Islamists will do that..J$ws have funded ALL of this–thats why they must be dealt with-stealth zionism via islamisism)

    She and Kushner must go now or we’re done. Bannon targeted by Ivanka via Kushner. He may go soon. That must not happen or we’re back to the old Bush/Clinton/Obama days and worse. Nepotism charges is our friend. SHE MUST GO as will her zionist husband. He must be dealt with.

    Cohn and Powell–I wrote about them before on this site–both zionists/bolsheviks/globalists and Communists and Goldman Sachs.

    The Mohawk

    • candlesnstones says:

      Communists?? shhhhh… Ain’t been no communists around here for years. You been freeze dried or doin hard time

      • Mohawk Man says:

        You’re a genius. They now call themselves “Progressives”. Been doing that since about 1910. Communist became Liberal and then Progressive now with several iterations in between. You weren’t the ones hiding in the basement at school in 1965 during bombing drills. Axlerod—Red Diaper Baby (look it up), got Obama in—-Ayers/Dohrn–OPENLY Communist and the last presidents best friend also worked to get this CIA/Mossad asset elected–Jarrets parents were members of the Communist party as were Axlerods. Rham Emaunuel? Bolshevik—-aka Communist. See Russian Revolution. And there are many others I could site. Hundreds in fact.

        Progressive also means Gradualism–see where this nation is going and they turned up the heat lately (cause they’re losing). Heres a book you can read to do some learning—The Gulag Archipelago-I suggest you read it genius.

        The entire Democratic party are full of Communists/90% of them are (not card carrying fool)—–see Agenda 21 Agenda 2030 I(Global Communism). Karl Marx also suggested using the environment as a tool towards Totalitarianism. Climate Change anyone? Read much? I doubt it. Now go back to Facebook and Twitter and leave the discussion to adults. GO TO YOUR ROOM.

        The Mohawk

  • BuddhaForce says:

    Donald Trump form 278e disclosure 2016

    Somebody owns a little Raytheon stock…

  • jonathan.l says:

    Amnesty Intl tacitly endorses US airstrikes in Syria, doesnt mention that said airstrikes are a violation of Intl Law.

  • Aron says:

    Canadian House of Commons gave unanimous consent to bomb Syria. Every last one of those weasels approved it. No dissenters. I’m f-ing ashamed of my country right now.

    • artemis says:

      Do not feel alone. Down here in the U.S.of A. they were corrupted long ago. They have a lot of practice, so the good people of Canada did not stand a chance……the criminally insane have the MSM as well.

      • Aron says:

        Thanks for the support! All the best to you and the rest of my American friends. As I was once told, keep on fighting the good fight, which I have to remind myself now and again;)

  • Pablo de Boer says:

    MIT Researcher: Syria WMD ‘Facts’ Were Manufactured to Fit U.S. Conclusion for Ghouta in 2013

  • Pablo de Boer says:


  • Pablo de Boer says:

    Gatekeeper Chomsky and his misleading intellectual BS

    “The Assad Regime is a Moral Disgrace”: Noam Chomsky on Ongoing Syrian War

  • Pablo de Boer says:

    we have an unpredictable man in the white house, that is a pretty toxic brew

    CrossTalk: Trump’s War

  • d-One says:

    Bits and pieces ….

    This from WeAreChange …new(er) pieces of information.
    Also collaborates that a weapons stash was hit, but he does not say where he got that information.

    From AMTV – Mentions Chlorine gas… not Sarin

    Except for my laughable memory….
    I have a few thoughts…

    – Tomahawks – are they that awful a technology that only half hit their targets? Or is there a slight of hand?
    – What if US said they used ~50 tomahawks but only 26(?) actually hit. What if this was a ploy to turn around and sell them for millions on the black market?
    Hey, fast cash! Let the tax cattle pay for it!

    If they are sitting on them, they will wait until people forget the missing tomahawks… and then may use them in a another false flag. (Anyone remember the Malaysian plane just like the MH370 was spotted in Israel before flight MH17 was shot down in Ukraine?)

  • GSBE says:

    I have to agree to this part of the MoonOfAlabama analysis: ‘The Trump presidency had been held hostage by unfounded allegation of “Russian interference” in the U.S. elections in support of the Trump candidacy. The air strikes on Syria might have been the ransom that was demanded for the release of the hostage. His opponents are now gushing about him. The allegation of any Trump-Russia connections may now die down.’ – – the further escalation he predicts at the end of that same article, that also Southfront refreshes in their latest vid, may not occur yet. Adding to that from the Saker Blog: 1. The Russians were given a warning which they, of course, passed on to the Syrians. The Americans must have assumed that this would happen. – 2. The Syrian airbase was lightly damaged: a few number of aircraft were damaged or destroyed, but many of these were in repairs and could not fly. Fuel storage tanks were destroyed. A number of aircraft bunkers were damage or destroyed. A few barracks were also destroyed. – 3. There were 6 or 7 casualties, which is very little. – 4. Crucially, the runways did not suffer. — If there is no official Russian denial about the the warning in advance, then it might be safe to assume that this is true .. then this strike is nothing more than a publicity stunt that now gives Trump some air to breathe again.

  • HomeRemedySupply says:

    Was this a set-up from the get go? Was this whole Presidential campaign a long end play to dupe alternative anti-system conservatives?

    * – “long end” or “long con” – a “short con”, or a one-time scam takes the mark for the money they happen to have on hand. “Con” here is a shortening of “confidence trick”, in which a dupe hands over valuables as a token of confidence or trust in a con man (or woman, as the case may be). Opposed to the short con is the long end, also known as the big con, the long con, and the long game. The long end is more complex than the short con and can take months or even years.

    James Corbett repeatedly warns about this. Examples:
    …whether James prefers Hillary or Donald?
    …Trump promises to drain the swamp

    Comment Boards
    You can see the disappointment in many Trump voters in reaction to this Syrian / Russian fiasco.
    Many folks voted for Trump, because they were afraid Hillary was going to continue her evil corrupt ways and bring us to the brink of war with Russia. Trump was seen as a choice against this warmongering corrupt agenda.
    In a way, Hillary was the short con. Trump was the long con.

    The agenda of Syria’s destruction had never changed. The agenda of rattling sabers against Russia or China had never changed.

    The long con was that Americans were duped into thinking that they had a choice on the agenda.

    (It is interesting to note, that the chemical false flag and missile strikes corresponded with the President of China’s visit.)

  • BuddhaForce says:

    Tomahawk Launches Practiced by U.S. Before Trump Gave Go-Ahead

    Other interesting tid-bits besides the headline…

    * There is a whole paragraph that sounds like an ad for Raytheon Missiles. Why is this included in the article?

    The U.S. used the latest-model Tactical Tomahawks, which can be redirected in mid-flight, transmit images to commanders and loiter over a potential target area, according to accounts by U.S. military officials who briefed reporters or spoke in interviews.

    * Military was chomping at the bit to make this strike. They passed along the execute order before there was even written authorization from the WH.

    Once Trump gave the go-ahead order for the Tomahawk strike, the operation moved at a rapid pace. Shortly after 4:35 p.m. New York time on Thursday, Army General Joseph Votel, the head of Central Command, received a call from Marine Corps General Joe Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, telling him to execute the attack. Votel, who was at an event on the U.S. East Coast, passed the order on via a secure video link even before the White House’s written authorization, according to one of the officials.

    * Navy is ordering its last 100 Tomahawks.

    The Navy says it’s buying the last 100 Tomahawks this year before ending production in favor of upgrades to the inventory and starting development on a successor “Next Generation Land Attack Weapon.”

  • candlesnstones says:

    This whole thing STINKS! Trump is butt buddies with Putin, Netanyahu his butt buddies with Trump, Putin is butt buddies Assad and China is everybody’s bitch. These guys are all in cahoots.… Any damn fool can see that

  • rg says:

    I am no good at geopolitics, I am merely a reader here. But I know of this french site, I am just posting the owner’s opinion here : what can be interesting, is that Thierry Meyssan repeats (in french) exactly what he writes, during the talk with the Pravda reporter : if I learned correctly how this works, this may look like a confirmation with plausible deniability from the Russian government ? The Pravda being an official outlet of the Russian governement.

    Donald Trump asserts his authority over his allies, by Thierry Meyssan

  • Off topic…

    == Corbett Report Episode List on ==

    The Corbett Report website is wonderful. I’ve found its search function to be wanting on several occasions. I don’t believe this is James’ fault. I don’t know if what I propose is any kind of ‘solution’ or even practical beyond further Corbett Report promotion and awareness. I’ve been thinking about this for months:

    I propose to create a grand episode list (and/or several grand episode sub-sorted lists) about the Corbett Report. Not only would I like to include the topics, subject, names of people involved, interviewed, etc, but I’d also hope there’d eventually be summaries, insights, etc. Maybe transcript excerpts, but not necessarily in entirety, especially if it’s all on TCR. Of course everything would all link back to source articles, pages, videos, etc on The Corbett Report, YouTube, Global Research, NewsBud, etc. The purpose would be another searchable array, more presence on the interweb, and another redirecting channel to your, er, channel. This is potentially another internet foothold in the face of overwhelming censorship. NOT a replacement by any stretch, not even a copy, mirror, or alternative – this is ONLY organized supplemental listings and cross-listings.

    Full disclosure: I have nothing to do with Vox Day, the Alt-Right, Nazis or anything like that. (I’m an Anarcho-Marxist.) I hear Vox Day owns and funds InfoGalactic. There may be stuff that I don’t like and some that I do. On the discussion page someone is adding Rudolf Hoess cited information that is censored elsewhere. I don’t care. I do care that I got banned from Wikipedia for a year. I do care that I can finally freely publish information about Truthers, James Corbett, Lionel, etc. I have no stock in InfoGalactic other than that of freedom of and access to information, good bad and ugly.

    Is this something James Corbett can condone?

    Can James Corbett provide a Corbett Report site map (no hurry)?

    Is this something James can help with now and then (if necessary)?

    Is there any way this is not a good idea?

    Feedback, please…

  • Adam Warren says:

    Interesting article from Global Research for 2 reasons:

    1. If Trump and all his senior staff knew this would end up being viewed as a blatant war crime, is it actually being used with Trump’s agreement as a way for him to exit office? Has he decided he can’t hack it as the Head Of the Swamp, but doesn’t want to go under the pretence of Russian hacking? So this offers a way to go out while saying “I was doing what I thought was right on humanitarian grounds”? (Plus I was acting on US Government info).

    2. It is amusing to see how it finally takes an incident like this to shatter the author’s illusions of Trump-hope-and-change: “Whatever hope I had that Donald Trump would be a new kind of President, that hope is extinguished. He is a child and a moron. He committed an act of war without justification.” – Colonel W. Patrick Lang (retired senior officer of U.S. Military Intelligence and U.S. Army Special Forces)

  • @rvanstel says:

    Trump Owned Stock in The Company He Just Helped Make a Billion Overnight by Bombing Syria

  • Hsaive says:


  • asavetmd says:

    One more thing, Syrian warplanes flew out of the airbase the next day: “Syrian Warplanes Take Off From Air Base ‘Destroyed’ by US Missile Strikes”:

  • herrqlys says:

    In these times of outrageous lies and assaults on human dignity, and on the concept of throw-away human lives, moral indignation doesn’t seem to get you anything but acid reflux. Besides, the Despicables in control of things like the US Knesset, the legacy media, and our educational systems — just to name a few — don’t appear to have any morals, so appeals in that vein are fruitless. These Despicables need to tremble in fear of the billions of us who also reside on this planet, and who won’t take this sort of thing anymore.

    Having read hundreds and hundreds of comments, here and elsewhere, about the egregious attack on Syria by US Navy Tomahawk missiles (based upon non-existant credible evidence of any wrongdoing by the Assad government) I find it hard to offer any original thoughts on the matter. It may be too early, yet, to formulate what constitutes the truth. But so far I do have a few obvious take-aways.

    Before I summarize those, I want to share my initial reactions to the startling news of two days ago. I live in a relatively isolated large metropolitan area that has a major army base, oil refineries, oil storage facilities, large chemical plants, and is an important transportation hub. I feared the worst possible fallout (literally) from the unbelievable rush to judgement by the US government. I was immediately resigned to dying under a thermonuclear mushroom cloud in the near future. Thanks to the many sober and considered comments from sane people all over the world I have backed away from that mental abyss.

    My takeaways:

    1) As James so cleverly pointed out in his prefacing remarks, we were expected to believe that Assad “…decided to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory and gas some of his own citizens just as the world was contemplating leaving him alone.” This is a point of view that expands upon what Congressman Thomas Massie was trying to point out to that CNN media-shill anchor.

    2) If indeed the US Navy launched 60 cruise missles (they have admitted one failed to launch, leaving 59 in the air, and apparently some of those may have ditched at sea) it is reported that only 23 made it to the Al-Sha’ayrat airbase target. Whether Russian interceptors shot some down, or others were rendered duds or inaccurate by Russian counter-electronic-warfare measures against the GPS guidance systems, we will have to wait for more information. At this point it seems unlikely any S-200, S-300 or S-500 anti-air missiles would have been wasted on low-level subsonic targets as more conventional air defences can do that job.

    3) The short time frame between the alleged atrocity and the US military response is a total red flag, and suggests a premeditated strike awaiting a justification the public would swallow. George Soros’ White Shillmots are not the sort of credible source to base anything on. And do note the lack of skin protection for these people attending to “victims” in the published photos of the casualties that were shown to the world as “proof”. Sarin gas is absorbed through the human skin, attacks the nervous system and causes an horrific death. Where are all the White Shillmot casualties? There were actual victims, but apparently the white flat bed truck, also seen in the published photos, was observed transporting bodies to the photo-op site. The speculations surrounding this first-hand evidence suggest these were Daesh victims from Mosul or elsewhere.

    4) Besides trying to get the Western public frothing for boots on the ground in Syria, there is a strong possibility that the missle attack was also a symbolic one in reprisal for Syria’s earlier shooting down — from anti-air defences at this same airbase — one of the four Israeli jets that attacked targets in Syria. Apparently a 2nd Israeli jet was damaged, and the other two high-tailed it back to base. Although I had guardedly optimistic hopes for Donald Trump as POTUS, he is clearly pro-Zionist and this becomes more obvious as we move along. I do believe that at least two major factions of the “Deep State” are at war with each other, and Trump was the choice of the Rothschilds’ business-first group, whereas Killary was the choice of the Rockefeller/neocon war-hegemony group. Zionists, whether they are in Washington, London or Tel Aviv, are openly coming out of the closet in this conflict over globalist objectives.

    I do have more thoughts, but I now prefer to put my own conclusions into the care of time, until more information becomes available to us.

  • Corbett says:

    Looks like this strike is already having consequences:

    Hacker Group Releases Password To NSA’s “Top Secret Arsenal” In Protest Of Trump Betrayal

  • BeaverBill says:

    A pretty good back and forth, even if I have turned against TYT, a lot of good points

  • BeaverBill says:

    Something that must be noted, a HUGE and sudden shift of media perspective, like day and night, all media networks and politicians, intimately petting Trump. Just yesterday they were spitting on his shoes, but today even Lindsey Graham has been snowballing him publicly , for lobbing multi millions of dollars of cruise missiles.

    Gawd it’s sickening, Trump the idiot pasty, and i don’t think he even cares, now that he’s broken into the oligarchy!

    Trump, the deep state’s patsy…..”sad”.