And… The Terror DRILL was right on the SPOT !!!

After having been given MORE INTRUDING POWER, BIGGER BUDGET for more than 15 years (2001-2017)… “terrorists” ARE STILL ATTACKING SUCCESSFULLY! And ALL took place at ICONIC landmarks with pre official- drills!  ALL attackers WERE on  the Intelligence Agencies’ RADAR. But THEY COULD NOT be stopped! What the Fuck is Going on Here! And the sheeple people still swallow whatever Governments feed them! AMAZING! simply AMAZING!



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Friday, 24 March 2017



The police issued the above picture of Adrian Elms, the alleged London Attacker.

He has a CONCAVE nose.

The above photo of the London Attacker shows someone with a straighter nose.

The ‘London Attacker’ at Huntley School for Boys in Tunbridge Wells in Kent.

The ‘London Attacker’, Adrian Elms has been described by a former friend at school as being a ‘clever, normal guy’ who ‘liked girls and fags.’

The former friend says Adrian was ‘one of the lads’, who played football and rugby for their school -Huntleys School for Boys in Tunbridge Wells.Adrian had had a tracheotomy operation at some point, leaving him with a scar on his neck.

The former friend said Adrian never showed any kind of religious zealotry, and was ‘one of the clever ones’.

In his school football kit: ‘London terror attacker’ Adrian

The police claim that the London Attacker (above) is Adrian Elms.

52-year-old Adrian Elms was born a Christian, in Erith, near Dartford in Kent.

Adrian Elms was brought up in a £300,000 house in Rye, in East Sussex.

Adrian Elms was born to a 17-year-old single mother, Janet Elms. 

Just under two years after the birth, Janet Elms married Phillip Ajao.

Phillip Ajao currently lives in Banbury, Oxfordshire, and runs a number of florists and fabrics companies.

Janet Elms currently lives in rural west Wales in a home said to be worth half a million pounds.

dailymail. / English teacher 



Adrian Elms was jailed in 2003, and sent to Lewes jail in East Sussex.


There is a belief that Adrian Elms was mind controlled by MI5.

Adrian Elm’s Birmingham neighbour Anna Goras says that Adrian Elms has a ‘split personality’.

English teacher 

This can be a sign of having been mind controlled.

Above left, we see Joe Dixon of ISIS. Joe’s mother’ Sally Jones is from Chatham in Kent. 
BRIT ISIS BOMBER.In 2003, Adrian Elms was jailed.In 2005 Adrian Elms was teaching workers at the General Authority of Civil Aviation, in Saudi Arabia.

Adrian Elms joined a college in Luton as a ‘senior English teacher’, supervising seven other staff.
In 2012, Adrian Elms set up his own English language tutoring business  in Birmingham.

English teacher 

Jack Letts, aka Jihadi Jack, mind controlled by the security services. KIDS CONTROLLED BY SPOOKS.

Adrian Elms has ‘a body-double’ called Trevor Brooks, who was originally accused of being the London attacker.
Trevor Brooks.

Adrian Elms lived for more than two years until 2013 in Luton.

A former neighbour says Elms was a ‘polite, shy’ and ‘quite portly man’, whom she often saw gardening at the front of his property and playing with his children.

Adrian Elms.


1. The main GATE into the grounds of parliament was left open and reportedly nobody was guarding the gate.

2. Multiple sources say that there were TWO assailants in the vehicle on Westminster Bridge.

A BBC reporter says a witness described the two assailants as being a ‘bald white man’ and another man.

London Attack .

3. There was a practice DRILL in London on 19th March 2017.

4.  The CCTV cameras for Westminster were reported to have been taken off-line.London Attack .

4. The man originally alleged to be the main attacker, Trevor Brooks, has links to MI6.5. The UK Prime Minister has said that Adrian Elms was known to the police and intelligence services.

Adrian Elms is also known as Khalid Masood.

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On 22 March 2017, “a terror attacker brought carnage to central London.”


The attack comes a year to the day after the 22 March 2016 terrorist attack in Brussels.


On 19 March 2017, there was a terror drill in London.

“Hundreds of armed police in speedboats zoomed down the river Thames today as part of major anti-terrorist drill in London.”

The drill involved specialist officers clad in black uniforms and toting machine guns, the London Ambulance Service, London Fire Brigade and the RNLI.


On 22 March 2017, more than 12 people are said to have been hit by a vehicle on Westmister Bridge after a 4×4 drove into pedestrians and cyclists before crashing into the gates of Parliament.

The alleged Asian attacker.

“An intruder, described by a witness as ‘middle-aged and Asian’, then managed to break into the grounds of the Parliament and stabbed a police officer before he was shot.”


Westminster Bridge is close to the HQ of MI6.

Terror drill in London 19 March 2017.

On 19th March 2017, the terror drill in London involved the River Thames.

On 22 March 2017, a woman was pulled from the River Thames alive after the attack on Westminster bridge near Britain’s parliament.

Woman pulled alive from River Thames after London attack

The French prime minister, Bernard Cazeneuve, confirmed that a group of French students from Concarneau were among those injured in the 22 March 2017 London attack.[9][16]

The students were said to be aged 15-16.[9]

The acting Metropolitan Police Service commissioner Craig Mackey was a witness to the London Attack on 22 March 2017.

There was more than one attacker.

“The BBC understands from multiple sources that two assailants were in the vehicle on Westminster Bridge,” BBC correspondent Dominic Casciani said on Twitter.

Police still seeking one assailant in London attack: report.

‘The dead attacker’, 22 March 2017.

The ‘dead’ attacker in the 22 March 2017 attack in London was said to be Trevor Brooks, from Hackney in London.

Trevor Brooks, who is supposed to be still in jail.

British-born Trevor Brooks calls himself Abu Izzadeen.

Trevor Brooks supports ISIS, which is said to be run by the CIA and its friends.

A producer working for the US news network ABC said she had spoken to Izzadeen’s solicitor, who “confirms to me that he is still in jail and could not have been the attacker”.

Abu Izzadeen: London attack suspect ‘named’

The attack vehicle above. “The BBC understands from multiple sources that there were two assailants in the vehicle on Westminster Bridge,” BBC correspondent Dominic Casciani said on Twitter. Police still seeking one assailant in London attack: report.

Some reports from media outlets accused Abu Izzadeen, born Trevor Brooks, as being the ‘dead’ attacker.

Anonymous comments:On 14th November 2015, Trevor Brooks, and a friend, acted in breach of their probation by travelling abroad without telling anyone. 


The friend’s brother is a British Army member, while his father is British RAF.

Trevor Brooks was born a Christian, in Hackney.

Yasmin, the pole dancer, and daughter of Omar Bakri Mohammed.

Trevor Brooks was the bodyguard for Omar Bakri Mohammed, who was involved in the Muslim Brotherhood, which reportedly is run by MI6.

Omar Bakri Mohammed helped develop the ‘Al Muhajiroun’ organisation in the UK.

Former Justice Dept. prosecutor and Terror expert John Loftus revealed that the so called Al-Muhajiroun group were recruited by MI6 to fight in Kosovo.


3/22 is a Satanic holiday.
Anonymous comments: 
“Six days ago the media ran a story on the secret code word officials would use to inform each other of the Queens death.
“The code word was ‘London bridge is down’.
“Was this a bogus story to implant the psyop of an imminent attack involving a London bridge OR even to inform those in the know a false flag event was about to go live?”

Why was the main gate into the grounds of parliament left open and why was nobody guarding the gate?

There are claims that no-one was on duty on the gate when the attacker entered.

At least four staff are usually stationed at all the gates, two outside and two inside.

How one open gate let knife man in to kill

A BBC reporter says a witness of the London attack described the two assailants as being a ‘bald white man’ and another man.

London Attack .


The CCTV cameras for Westminster were reported to have been taken off-line.

London Attack .