Published on Nov 9, 2013

Iva Toguri’s Microphone After Nearly 70 Years – aka Tokyo Rose

Iva Toguri — aka Tokyo Rose — used this microphone during her World War II radio broadcasts. And in this video Glenn Beck decided to broadcast with the mic, which had not been used in nearly 70 years.

In the aftermath of the war, Toguri was labeled a traitor and went to prison.

“Tokyo Rose is a woman that is synonymous with the word ‘traitor.’ Tokyo Rose was an American citizen. She was probably the most listened‑to disc jockey in the history of the world,” Glenn explained. “Her name is Iva Toguri. She was born here in the United States. And then she went over to Japan. And then the war happened. And she wanted to come back to the United States but couldn’t.”

Because Toguri spoke fluent English, she was forced to give broadcast that’s were transmitted by Radio Tokyo to Allied soldiers stationed in the South Pacific during World War II.

“I think there were five different Tokyo Roses. She was Orphan Ann. And she refused. She said, ‘I’ll play music, but I will not do the demoralizing messages.’ What Tokyo didn’t know is that she was actually going to visit our soldiers who were kept in prison camps and when they found out, they thought she was there doing work [for the Japanese],” Glenn said. “They didn’t trust her, the prisoners didn’t trust he… and Tokyo didn’t really trust her either because she was an American citizen. So she was without a country and without friends.”

Over time, however, Toguri was able to convince the Allied soldiers that she was on their side. She brought them medicine and supplied that in many cases saved lives. “She risked her life to save ours,” Glenn said.

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