Demonetization and You


Demonetization. Cashless payments. Biometrics. Can you connect the dots? Join James today on The Corbett Report as he uncovers the truth about India’s recent demonetization and follows the trail to the coming cashless biometric control grid.

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Watch: The Moment PM Modi Announced 500 and 1,000 Rupee Notes Are Illegal
Time Reference: 0:52
Demonetization – Investopedia
Time Reference: 02:15
Printers expected a New Year launch for new notes, caught unawares
Time Reference: 03:03
Crisitunity in India’s Cash Crunch
Time Reference: 04:35
Episode 309 – Solutions: Agorism
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Cashless Biometrics and India’s Demonetization Experiment
Time Reference: 05:53
Only 6- 10% of the black money is kept in cash
Time Reference: 06:39
Demonetisation has impacted State tax revenue: Governor
Time Reference: 07:37
Death by Demonetisation: Satya Sagar
Time Reference: 08:17
Interview 1245 – Satya Sagar Explains the Indian Demonetization Disaster
Time Reference: 10:34
Mobile payments firms are cashing in on India’s rupee crisis
Time Reference: 12:06
Gates’s advice for the world’s most cash-strapped nation
Time Reference: 15:18
A well-kept open secret: Washington is behind India’s brutal experiment of abolishing most cash
Time Reference: 16:44
Norbert Haering on The Scott Horton Show
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The NDTV Dialogues With Amitabh Kant: Is India Ready To Go Digital?
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India working to replace cash with biometric e-payment
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India Fingerprinting, Iris Scanning Over One Billion People
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USAID, Finance Ministry bring Catalyst for digital payments in India
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Sweden Is Leading The Way for a Future Without Cash
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Government ‘Experiment’ A Cashless Society Biometric Payment System
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Visa Device Innovation – University of Technology Sydney
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Visa Mobile World Congress 2016 Finger Print Biometric Payment
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The War on Cash: A Country by Country Guide
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Facial recognition, fingerprints to replace passports at Australian airports under new self-processing system
Time Reference: 36:08
Big Q: Why Should RBI Or Any Central Bank Have A Monopoly On Money?
Time Reference: 38:04
How To Beat The Banksters At Their Own Game
Time Reference: 40:57
Fiat Money vs. Bitcoin
Time Reference: 41:06
Outrunning Collapse: The alternative currency solution
Time Reference: 41:07
Self-Issued Credit: A Monetary Solution
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