F. William Engdahl is the only voice that concurs with PQC’s view of the (S)election. Human beings always want to deceive themselves with “hope”, that where wishful thinking comes about to destroy their critical thinking. This mental illness  infects not only to ordinary people but also to the experienced and intelligent people particularly in a desperate time of crisis. PQC and F. William Engdahl can see through the fog  of political theatre where those experienced and intelligent like Paul Craig Roberts, The Saker have failed miserably. Listen to this interview and you can see why F. William Engdahl calls this (s)election “the incredible deception”, and PQC calls it “the most sophisticated operation since 911”.

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The Incredible Trump Deception

Posted on December 22nd, 2016

We examine some of the early political appointments of the new Trump administration and the geopolitical shift in American foreign policy that it represents. The powers behind the Trump presidency – the Netanyahu Likud connected think-tank, The Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, including General Mike Flynn, Walid Phares; James Woolsey, and Michael Ledeen, among others; an attack on the nuclear deal with Iran; the failed strategy of using radical political Islam to destabilize and destroy countries; a strengthened alliance between Russia, China and Iran; the failed CIA coup in Turkey of July 2016; a strong dollar policy and a weakened European Union; rising interest rates and concomitant flight capital to a Wall Street safe-haven; making America great again by re-building Americas defense industry infrastructure.