The Blind Anti-Imperialists: Are They Stupid, Naïve, or Deceitful?


benovolentdictatorAnti-imperialism is a great cause. Every decent human being should join the cause and fight for a better common world, a world in peace with liberty and human dignity for everyone regardless.

Unfortunately, and dangerously, this great cause has been hijacked and marred by pseudo progressives in the West, who condemn those Empire-welcomed-dictators such as Pinochet, Pak Chun Hee, Netanyahu, Kings of Saudi Arabia, Lee Kuan Yew, Mahathir. but often dishonestly praise and idealize other dictators just because these dictators were  or  are not welcomed by the Empire yet! Fidel Castro, Gadhafi, Ho Chi Minh and the likes, also were dictators, who had no respect, no tolerance for liberty or any kind of freedom.

As Liberty and freedoms matter, a dictator is a dictator, be it Pinochet or Castro, or Ho Chi Minh or Park Chung-hee. Of course, since these dictators held absolute power over their people, they did some positive things for their people in return for taking their freedoms. Not that because they are benevolent , but because they held the monopoly and left other no choice to do good for themselves and families, not even the choice of leaving the paradise of these benevolent dictators. Remember that all these “positive achievements” can be done even better else where without dictatorship. Look at those places where all the western-progressive live and you can see it.

“it has always happened that tyrants, in order to strengthen their power, have made every effort to train their people not only in obedience and servility toward themselves, but also in adoration” Etienne de La Boetie

While they rightly condemn the interference of the imperialist in those “color revolutions” but wrongly and deliberately ignore, fatally overlook being unfair and cruel to the genuine, legitimate aspiration for liberty of the local grassroots people, who live and pay the terrible price under these “benevolent anti-imperialist dictators” in every second of their lives , particularly when they choose to exercise their natural right such as freedom of thought, freedom of speech to say what others, particularly the benevolent dictators do not want to hear. I know and experienced this first hand with two opposite kinds of dictatorship: the US-sponsored South Vietnam and the Communist North of Ho Chi Minh.

These pseudo progressives are so arrogant and stupid; they are dictators themselves.

These anti-imperialist Westerners don’t live the life of the local people under those “anti-imperialist dictators” to bear the brunt of their “benevolent” policies. Do these progressives truly believe that they themselves can exercise the freedom of speech they are now enjoying if they really live as the local people under the rule of their anti-imperialist idols? Do they deceive themselves or just deceive others for their own agenda?

These pseudo progressives, in the inevitable corollary advocate a dangerous idea that in order to oppose and fight imperialism one must be a nationalist or a dictator. That is to fight imperialism one must put up with local dictatorship, a kind of socialist-nationalism which is a precursor of imperialism. That is to fight imperialism one must give up liberty and be obedient to the leaders and the State.

That’s what Adolf Hitler demanded from the German people! That’s what all government demand from their citizenry. That’s what “the Empire” demands from its citizenry in order to implement its benevolent imperialism. Nationalism is racist and tyrannical by nature; it’s a precursor of imperialism.

How many today true anti-imperialists are dictatorial? Can you name one? I know I am not. I am an anarchist. Do I have to elaborate why an anarchist is anti-imperialism by default?

A genuine anti-imperialist is a true freedom lover, who rejects and condemns any form of oppression and coercion.

Those who in the name of anti-imperialism praise and give excuses to dictators such as Fidel Castro, Park Chung Hee, Gadhafi, Ho Chi Minh, Hitler etc. are the very same kind of people, who are no freedom lovers but hidden-dictators themselves. These kind of people are not only dishonest, have no integrity, no decency, and so dangerous.

Whoever wishes peace among peoples must fight statism. Ludwig von Mises rightly observed. These so-called liberal progressives are true statists who are now mourning and praising Fidel Castro, one of their dictators of the Left as they did with the death of Ho Chi Minh.

We must call them out loudly for people to see them clearly.Don’t let them deceive people and taint the great cause of true anti-imperialism.