We have been told -or scared- by all kind of pundits, left and right, main stream’s and alternatives’… that the Nuclear WW3 with Russia is coming  …well if…And now, another war on China  is coming ..if…

To defeat China, if it were really an objective at all, the US-West does not need war. Just withdrawing investments, technologies, and imposing crippling economic sanctions. The “China” that THEY don’t like was defeated since China has become captive capitalist economy- a world factory with unprotected cheap labor force and the westward-migration of the new riches. “China” and the Chinese people have made THEM richer and even more powerful!

Chinese people or even China as a state is not a threat to the Anglo Zionist, not even is Russia nor Russians in this sense. In fact, no nation, no people is a threat to the US, which is the HQ of the Anglo Zionist with a largest and strongest arsenal in the world, in fact, in human history. It is the other way round. The US HQ of the Anglo Zionist is the threat to the whole world. If you don’t want to see this. Be my guess!

The true Anglo Zionist’s enemies are the well-informed population at large, the well-informed American people in particular.

Make no mistake! War is the health of the State, so war is permanent as long as people believe in the State’s existence. There will be war after war, big and small, major and minor, particularly proxy wars like Vietnam-war, all are in control and manageable as always. There even may be nuke shot at NON-NUKE nations as it already happened in Nagasaki-Hiroshima. But there will be no Nuke War or Nuke WW3  between Nuke powers. Please bear in mind that today-nukes are not the Atoms that dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima! They are much much horrifyingly worse.

The Cabal is a bunch of  war-hungry psychopaths, they need the State making wars to be strongly alive. However THEY, the CABAL through the State, also needs a place to live affluently and safely to enjoy wielding of their control and to play their war game on people. Total Nuke Destruction is never their plan. It’s against their interests! Their Plan is to rule all over the people and the world, not to destroy it. Yet, the image of nuclear total destruction has always been used as  one of their best tricks to fear people into submission, to keep the population at bay,  to reinforce  Statism and the need for Government among the population…

Nationalism is on the rise. Hate between peoples has been normalized; torture has been legitimized , a new normal. Human rights and Liberty have been increasingly attacked. All of these are done with population consent! All are done in the fear of coming war, coming enemy.

True Anti-war is not taking sides of any government.

True anti-war is  Anti-government, against statism.

Do not  succumb to their statist war game threats. Be vigilant to your own government threats to your human-rights and liberty!

War is the Health of the State -Thus Whoever wishes peace among peoples must fight statism.

The true enemy of the State is the true Anarchist!