Yes, it’s all written on the wall for quite a long time, but very few have seen it, much less read it through. Even among experienced and intelligent alternative journalists there ‘s also only a few like  Chris Hedges and F. William Engdahl  who can see and read between the line of the master’s scripts babbling by their pro-actors. And to some less extent people like  Stephen Lendman who somehow manage to see it rather clear: ”

“Democracy in America is pure fantasy. None existed from inception. Elections are easily manipulated with corporate-controlled electronic ease, voter roll stripping and other dirty tricks.
Hillary was damaged goods, too scandal-ridden to serve effectively, dumped for Trump, a deal likely cut with him to assure continuity, allowing him some wiggle room without changing how America is governed – serving wealth, power and privilege exclusively.”

Those like Paul Craig Robert suddenly turns back to statist ideology with the usual wishful thinking, hoping for another JFK -benevolent government in the making, of course with a very strange assumption that the Cabal will stand still and watch its demise by a very con-man it has bred!

The recent “fake news” hype is not a mere joke nor not only a precursor for a coming mass censorship McCarthyism style. It’s a master stroke of “divide and conquer”. If one looks at the “list” closely and hard enough, one would see those true alternative journalists such as Corbett-Report , Global Research are placed equal to cannon fodders like Zero Hedge, which frequently and consistently hyped up “news”  anti-muslim , anti and degrading refugees in Europe  during the (S)election. This master stroke does not to attempt to discredit anyone in the list- they know that it’s futile to do so- but instead will give credit to their “dogs” in the list, who will bark louder and lead people into their intended direction. One can see those cannon fodders jumped quickly to announce “being proud to be in the list”. While those true alt-journalists do not need anything of this. Their works speak for themselves- those true journalists are immune to those once were effective weapons like “anti-semi”, “conspiracy theory”. Truth can stand by itself. Only Lies need the support of government.

We are living in a very dangerous time where the Cabal has a so vast of resources in finance, technology, personnel, and  “legal violence”. Their power permeates every aspect of our lives. They will not stop at any trick and ploy, be it small, trivial . clumsy or large and sophisticated as in JFK’s, JRK’s, MLK’s, 911’s, the death of half of a million of Iraqi children. Chelsea Manning’s, Edward Snowden’s,  Julian Assange’s, and the infamous intercept of Bolivia president Evo Morales plane. They stop at nothing, please have this in your heart. Do not overestimate them and never underestimate their will.

However this is also a very interesting time to live where a mere non-person like you and me can contribute directly to larger global community to make a difference: a common struggle for freedoms

So please be awake, vigilant, calm and cautious,  not because of fear, but to see things clearer and to  conserve our limit energy and resources, so that once we act, we will act with courage and decisiveness in concert and solidarity with other freedom lover-fellow human beings around the globe.