Công dân Hy Lạp, kẻ bị phản bội “trưng cầu dân ý” lại viết thư ngỏ về “trưng cầu ý dân” tại Anh quốc!!!

Khi chính phủ Hy Lạp xé bỏ “lá phiếu trực tiếp dân chủ” trong cuộc trưng cầu dân ý tại Hy lạp, dân Hy Lạp đã phản ứng như thế nào? Kẻ xé bỏ “ý dân” lại tiếp tục làm “lãnh đạo”

Anh quốc dân ý cũng thế thôi- DÂN BỎ PHIẾU không quan trọng bằng KẺ CÓ QUYỀN ĐẾM PHIẾU!

“Dân chủ” dù là GIÁN hay TRỰC cũng nằm trong rọ quyền chính! Cứ nhìn vào Hy Lạp và ngay cả Thụy Sĩ, một nền “GIÁN” duy nhất với những “đạo luật” cưỡng chế hành xử tự do tự nguyện của con người và sự thao túng quyền chính bên trong hệ thống nhà nước với những hành xử tay sai cho quyền chính đại bản Mỹ Do Thái cũng đã rõ (BIS)

Vấn đề là RA hay Ở TRONG LIÊN ÂU cũng vẫn nằm trong rọ quyền chính- Nhà nước Quân Chủ Đại Bản Anh hay Nhà Nước Liên Âu cũng là Nhà nước chính phủ-Trước khi Liên Âu ra đời hay giả thiết sau khi Liên Âu Châu “chết” thì định chế tác hại nhà nước độc quyền bạo lực vẫn nằm trên đầu dân chúng!

Vấn đề không chỉ là Liên Âu hay Không Liên Âu mà chính là Quyền Chính hay Phi Quyền Chính.

Định chế Nhà nước còn, thì vấn nạn còn.

Cứ nhìn các “quốc gia” trong và ngoài Liên Âu với những vấn nạn kinh tế chính trị xã hội và những khủng hoảng, chiến tranh cũng như nhau mà thôi!



Greeks Send An Open Letter To UK Citizens About Brexit


Open Letter to the UK citizens about the June 2016 Referendum

Dear British voters,

United Kingdom joined the European Community in 1973 and it is worth to mention that the people have not been asked prior signing the membership agreement. Only two years later, in 1975 you decided in a referendum if you want to stay in the European Community, which was approved by 66 percent of the voters.

The basic idea, as it was explained to the people in Europe, was a community of European nations in friendship, solidarity, mutual benefit and democracy: Basic European Values.

Unfortunately, these inviting promises proved to be false or failed. There is nothing about freedom, solidarity or friendship in the European Union. The European Union has proven to act on behalf of the interest of banks, multi-national enterprises and groups in the shadow, as advised by professional think-tanks and lobbyists, not in favor of its people. In fact, the European Union is an economic union with a common market (without internal borders) which enables a free circulation of money, goods and people/workforce, and an ongoing process to harmonize business standards. The European Union is designed as a cartel and typically, there is a lack of democratic structures and processes: democracy becomes a disturbing factor.

Democracy, and especially direct democracy, is against any fiber of this European Union

The peoples’ vote got lost in the bureaucracy of the European Union. The European Union is driven by technocrats and an agenda which will lead to the United States of Europe shortly, the loss of the national sovereignty and identity of the European countries. The national parliaments have already delegated to a large extend their responsibilities and sovereignty to the European Institutions and consequently the national voting becomes more and more irrelevant.

The European Parliament, the only institution in the European Union the people voted for, has a more or less decorative function, it cannot legislate as we know it from national parliaments. The European Commission, which is in fact the European government, is not elected. It consists of delegates from the national governments. As Horst Seehofer – Prime Minister of Bavaria – put it: Those who are elected do not decide and those who decide are not elected.

European Union has a track history of ignoring the vote of the people. Referenda are only welcome if they approve the official policy of the European Union. If the people didn’t vote as requested, the governments used to arrange an information campaign and repeat the referendum until the outcome is convenient or the referendum result is ignored or twisted.

Denmark voted in the referendum in June 1992 against the Maastricht treaty, the re-negotiated version was approved in a second referendum in May 1993.
In 2001 Irish voters rejected the Treaty of Nice, in a second referendum 2002 it was approved.

France voted in May 2005 against the proposed European Constitution. Referenda would have also to be held in Czech, Denmark, Ireland, Poland, Portugal and the UK. As the risk of more refusals was too high, the European Union decided to modify the text and sign them as treaty by the national governments, this is what we have today as Treaty of Lisbon.

We, the Greek people, voted in July 2015 against further austerity measures required by the Troika, and our vote was ignored. Prior the referendum even highest officials of the European Union warned the Greek people not to vote NO as this would lead to a Grexit, even this is not ruled in the European treaties.

In March 2016, the European Union signed a deal with Turkey on the migration crisis. Part of the deal is that the European Union takes over a quota of migrants and distributes them by a defined key within the European countries. Hungary has announced to hold a referendum on the enforced migration, this referendum was condemned as an undemocratic measure.

Some time ago, the Dutch people voted in a referendum against the EU-Ukraine agreement. EU officials mentioned in several interviews, that obviously referenda are dangerous and a threat against the European Union. Truly, referenda are dangerous to today’s E.U., but not dangerous to the people of Europe. In the meantime, there are serious discussions to prohibit referenda within the European Union in general in order to avoid further conflicts.

Even in Switzerland, the country with the most enhanced practice of referenda, the politicians fear more than anything else the vote of the people, as it may destroy their plans in case the people do not vote as they recommend them.

The European Alliance stop-TTIP is an initiative of more than 500 organizations all over Europe and has collected more than 3.4 million signatures in order to stop TTIP and CETA. Those agreements are considered as a threat to democracy, environment, consumers and labour standards. But the European Commission ignores them…

Dear friends of democracy in the UK,

We want to express our solidarity as we know that you have to take a historical decision for your country and for your people, as we did last summer.

On 23rd June 2016 you will have to decide in a referendum on the United Kingdom’s membership of the European Union. A referendum is a direct democratic element, the highest expression of the peoples will, a privilege and a rare opportunity in the European Union.

You have now the historical chance to mark your national independence day and stop the further transformation of Europe into a European dictatorship.

Democracy is the key to freedom, peace and prosperity; it protects human rights and ensures respect and tolerance.
Our thoughts are with you, we send you best wishes from Greece for a democratic voting,

* * *

List of Greek political parties, entities and persons signing the Open Letter to the UK citizens

*    (The list will be updated as more political parties, entities and persons sign it)
**  (A person signing the Open Letter is not necessarily officially representing the parties/entities etc he/she belongs to)