Phi Quyền Chính - Anarchism: The Tao Of Anarchy

The Tao of Anarchy: There is no God. There is no State. They are all superstitions that are established by the power-hunger psychopaths to divide, rule, and enslave us. It's only you and me, we are all true and real existence though in one short life. That is, We all are capable to freely interact with one another without coercion from anyone. We all are capable to take self-responsibility to find ways to live with one another in liberty, equality, harmony, and happiness before leaving this world forever. We all were born free and equal among all beings on this planet. We are not imprisoned in and by a place with a political name just because we were born there by chance. We are not chained to a set of indoctrinated beliefs that have been imposed upon us by so-called traditions. This Planet is home to all of us. No one owns it. We share the benefits from and responsibility to this Earth. We pledge no oath, no allegiance to no one; submit to no authority. We are all free and equal. The only obligation we all must undertake constantly with consistency is to respect the same freedoms and rights of others.

Tham Khảo

Hồ Sơ PANAMA Cập Nhật: Kẻ Nào Đứng Sau vụ “RÒ RỈ” ?

Hai (2) Tổ chức báo chí điều tra chính nắm giữ 11.5 triệu hồ sơ “rò rỉ”:

1-ICIJ-International Consortium of Investigative

2-Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project  (OCCRP)

đều do nhà nước chính phủ Mỹ và Tài phiệt Mỹ tài trợ – US Agency for International Development (USAID) – American hedge fund billionaire George Soros- Rockerfeller Foundation v.v (Funders of the CFPI include the Democracy Fund, the Carnegie Foundation, the Ford Foundation, the MacArthur Foundation, the Open Society Foundations of George Soros, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, the Rockefeller Family Fund and many others of the same pedigree. Individual donors include such people as Paul Volcker, former chairman of the US Federal Reserve and many others of the powerful US corporate and financial elite.)

Tổ chức ICIJ và  tờ báo Đức Süddeutsche Zeitung, tuyên bố sẽ chỉ công bố đăng tải “tội phạm tài chính”, và giữ bí mật tất cả những danh tính khác vì “tôn trọng quyền riêng tư” theo “Luật pháp nước Đức”!!!

Quyền riêng tư của công dân bị chính phủ  xâm phạm là “hợp pháp-  báo chí đăng tải chi tiết tài chính của  “tài phiệt và quan chức” thuộc “phe địch” cũng là “hợp pháp”. Nhưng nếu đăng tãi chi tiết tài chính của “tài phiệt và quan chức phe ta” là vi phạm luật pháp quyền riêng tư!-  Nền chính trị công lý nước Đức quả là “tự do dân chủ dân quyền pháp trị!”.

-Và đặc biệt lạ lùng là … báo chí Đức cùng hai “tổ chức báo chí điều tra” của Âu Mỹ-  quả là tài giỏi và đặc miễn: vừa làm công tác nhà báo thông tin vừa nắm giữ luôn trách vụ chức năng của cảnh sát điều tra tội phạm, cũng như chức năng tòa án phán quyết những ai vi phạm và những ai không vi phạm pháp luật…để lọc lựa công bố!!!???

Theo Jullian Assange- Wikileaks thì số lượng “nhà báo chính qui” được kêu gọi hợp tác không thể hoàn tất số lượng 11.5 triệu hồ sơ! Nó cần được mở rộng và trao cho các cơ quan báo chí và cả pháp luật nữa. Tuy vậy, đề nghị của Assange khó có khả năng được thực hiện khi mà “kẻ nắm giữ hồ sơ” lại là tay sai của nhà nước, tài phiệt Âu Mỹ…

Theo PGQ đã “đoán quẻ”, trò bẩn thỉu hạ cấp này khi đáp ứng đúng mục tiêu PHÂN TÂM GIÁN TRÍ CÔNG CHÚNG ra khỏi nhữn biến động chính, và cảnh cáo đám quan chức tay sai… sẽ chìm nhanh gọn vào vùng lãng quên, nếu như các tay “đột kích điện toán” độc lập không lấy được khối tài liệu này để trao cho các ký giả độc lập đúng nghĩa phân tích!

Điều phải chú tâm là trò “phân tâm” này thường chính là chỉ dấu cho biết CHÚNG ĐANG TIẾN HÀNH THỰC HIỆN MỘT BIẾN CỐ có KÍCH THƯỚC RỘNG LỚN TOÀN CẦU gây rúng động và tạo HÃI SỢ trong dân chúng cho mục tiêu CỦNG CỐ NIỀM TIN vào ĐỊNH CHẾ QUYỀN CHÍNH NHÀ NƯỚC!

Chúng ta chờ xem.


‘Who’s funding this?’ CIA & MI5 whistleblowers question credibility of Panama Papers coverage

© RT
While neither Vladimir Putin nor any members of his family were mentioned in the Panama Papers leak, most Western media chose to break the story with the Russian president’s photo. Former US and UK intelligence officers told RT this is no coincidence.

Ray McGovern, a former CIA officer, told RT that the fact that the Western media has been using Putin as the “face” of the Panama Papers leak can be easily explained by looking at the people and organizations behind these news outlets.

“Everyone in corporate press is controlled by corporations that profit on wars and have an interest in creating tensions – all these people in the Western press, like the Guardian, are blackening Putin [for being] a designated villain here. Curiously, his name is not in these documents,” Ray says.

He also claims that the way the story was presented demonstrates “a complete lack of standards on the part of the Western media.” McGovern believes it was “a major mistake made by the leaker” to hand the documents over to the corporate media, instead of leaking them to trusted independent journalists.

“It seems the Western press has lost all sense of fairness. This would be humorous if it weren’t so serious. It seems even if Vladimir Putin was seen walking on water, the report in the Western media would come out as ‘Putin doesn’t know how to swim,’” McGovern said.

Annie Machon, a former MI5 agent, advised being cautious when reading news in the MSM, as there is always an agenda behind what is presented in those publications.

“It’s always worth taking a step back from whatever you read in the media – and seeing who’s funding this, what are the corporate interests behind what is being published in this particular outlet.”

“RT gets slated for that, and I think most western outlets could also be slated for the same reasons. The BBC is state funded, Fox News is corporate funded – there is always going to be some sort of agenda behind any editorial decisions on any medium there,” she stressed.

Machon also suggests that the journalists who broke the story concerning the Panama Papers leaks lost control of the story as they tried to maximize its impact to make it “breaking.”

“The Guardian still has this ‘how to hide your billions offshore’ and a video with Putin and his family.  I understand that journalistic organizations want to maximize the impact – they should – but you can maximize it and then minimize it by dragging it up too long. It’s interesting that the press seems to have a certain agenda and yet the [primary] interest is the corruption of their leaders.”

Meanwhile, both experts question the speed with which the information contained in the papers is being released, calling on the news outlets to make all of the information public instead of holding on to it, creating a mystery where there shouldn’t be one.

“There is an obligation for the people who hold these documents to release the full text. I would caution people that the main points are not out [yet] – all we see so far is what the corporate media selected for us to see, while certainly [there are] people in the US who do not want [everything] released until after the presidential primaries,” McGovern stressed.

According to Machon, now that the media has “made a splash,” it must put all the information out for everyone to research, which she says is what “crowdsourcing journalism, crowdsourcing democracy” is really about and what is, in her opinion, what the global community needs.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of RT.

The ‘Panama Papers’ and ‘Regime Change’: Who is Behind ‘The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists’ (ICIJ)?

Timothy Alexander Guzman, Silent Crow News – The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) is based right in the belly of the beast, Washington D.C. The ICIJ is an offshoot of the Center for Public Integrity (CPI). In an interesting note, ultra-propagandist CNN’s Christiane Amanpour was a former board member of the organization. The CPI is also funded by the CIA-connected Ford Foundation, George Soros’s ‘Open Society Foundation’, The Rockefeller Family Fund and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund of the international banking cartel, the Rockefeller family.

The list of the main-stream media (MSM) news outlets has partnered with the ICIJ serve the political and financial establishment. The list includes the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), the Guardian (UK) and the Huffington Post (US). The ICIJ also partnered with Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty which was established during the Cold War as a CIA front to broadcast anti-Soviet propaganda in Eastern Europe. In 2014, a France 24 titled ‘’Radio Free Europe back on frontline over Ukraine’ reported that “A quarter of a century after it helped topple totalitarian Communist regimes in Eastern Europe, the US-funded Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty is duelling Moscow again, this time in a media war over the Ukraine crisis.” Journalist and author David Satter, a former Moscow correspondent for the Financial Times who claimed Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the apartment bombings across Russia in 1999 was an advisor at one time for Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. Well-known establishment mouthpieces such as the New York Times and the Washington Post has also partnered with the ICIJ who are highly influential in the Anglo-American foreign policy agenda for the Military Industrial Complex.

The ICIJ is also supported by the Open Society Foundation and the Ford Foundation. The Ford Foundation’s connection to the CIA is a well-documented fact since the 1940’s. Frances Stonor Saunders, the author of ‘Who Paid the Piper? The CIA and the Cultural Cold War’ wrote “the CIA considers foundations such as Ford “The best and most plausible kind of funding cover”. Open Society Foundation is another regime change organization run by billionaire Zionist George Soros who wants Putin removed from power has collaborated on a number of occasions with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), another regime change organization.

Guilty by Association

President Vladimir Putin and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad are the first casualties of the Panama Papers scandal. According to the BBC, Putin recently commented on Russia’s “Western opponents” on Russian television when he said that they “are worried by the unity and solidarity of the Russian nation… and that is why they are attempting to rock us from within, to make us more obedient”. 

NBC news, an American propaganda news outlet did not waste any time accusing Putin of money-laundering with his “close” associates:

Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, is not named in the documents, but there are allegations of a billion-dollar money-laundering ring controlled by a Russian bank that has links to associates of the Russian leader. The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), one of the teams that has been analyzing the data, told CNBC the papers show Putin’s close aides were involved in a $2 billion money trail with offshore firms and banks

NBC interviewed one of the journalists from the ICIJ by the name of Jake Bernstein and said:

“We’ve found a network of people around Vladimir Putin,” ICIJ’s Jake Bernstein told CNBC Monday.  “It’s extraordinary, they are moving hundreds of millions of dollars at a time, they are taking money from a subsidiary, a Russian state bank, they are grabbing interests in major Russian companies and although we never see Vladimir Putin’s name in the documents themselves, these are people who are very close to him,” he added

Interestingly, NBC reported on the role played by the Open Society Foundation and how Putin would respond:

Russia, in particular, could respond aggressively, Bremmer added. Given that the ICIJ was partially funded by billionaire George Soros’ Open Society Foundation, the Kremlin may wish to respond, he noted.

“I feel fairly confident that the Kremlin will be going after the U.S., Soros, the CIA and this is going to make Russian policy towards the U.S. actually much more sharp and antagonistic,” he said. “That’s the kind of thing authoritarian governments need to do to take forced transparency that makes them look bad at home, they have to gin up trouble with enemies abroad”

There is no evidence that Putin did anything illegal, it is Putin’s “close friend” and his “childhood friends” that has offshore accounts in Panama. What is also interesting is that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is implicated in the ‘Panama Papers’ despite no evidence whatsoever that Assad himself has any offshore accounts. It was Assad’s cousins who are maintaining the offshore accounts.

Is the West attempting to create revolutions in Russia and Syria on allegations of corruption since the Islamic State has failed to remove Assad from power? There were protests in Iceland against Prime Minister Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson for his links to an offshore company in the British Virgin Islands he and his wife set up with assistance by Mossack Fonseca law firm with money they inherited. Telesur reported that social movements in Mexico and Panama also began protests against the “Panama Papers corruption scandal.” That is what the Western media and the regime change organizations such as the Open Society Foundation and the Ford Foundation with collaboration with the CIA and Washington hope for. The West is trying to achieve “regime change” in Russia and Syria with protests that would lead to violence which means more “good” propaganda for the MSM against Russia and Syria. Washington and its Western partners are clearly behind this operation because they are desperate for regime change even if their close allies are exposed in the Panama Papers including Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and Saudi King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Bin Abdulrahman Al Saud. For Washington it is nothing personal against their allies who were sacrificed for a geopolitical agenda, it is just business as usual.


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