Bài phân tích khá đầy đủ chi tiết không chỉ về “mối bang giao quốc tế” bị “bó buộc” của Nga-Putin, mà hầu như là mối “quan hệ bó buộc” của hầu hết các nhà nước chính phủ Âu Mỹ Úc với Do Thái dưới áp lực chủ nghĩa “Đại Do Thái-của một nhóm dân chúa chọn”. Nó phản ảnh một lỗ hổng thật lớn trong cách nhìn và tầm nhìn của đại đa số các “chuyên gia chính trị chính qui” và các bản “nghiên cứu chính trị” giáo khoa chính qui tại các viện đại học, mà ngay cả nhà báo độc lập lẫy lừng như Seymour Hersh cũng không dám nghĩ đến.

Quyền lực của nhóm đại Do Thái này (không nhất thiết chỉ là người Do Thái giáo, mà gồm cả những người Âu Tây thiên chúa giáo (Christian Zionists) thật ra chỉ là một bộ mặt “tiền” của một nhóm quyền lực ẩn tàng (The Cabal), nhóm nắm giữ nguồn kinh tế tài chính thế giới và khuynh đảo các thành viên chính trị gia của các hệ thống nhà nước như Nga, Âu Mỹ Úc. Nó dùng “nền dân chủ gián tiếp” như một tấm “vải điều” phủ “giá gương” cho tính chính đáng của thuyết nhà nước xã hội dân chủ, với mục đích tạo cho quần chúng trong những “nền dân chủ gián tiếp” này tưởng là mình có “dân chủ” thật, mình quyết định tác tạo chính phủ “từ dân, do dân, vì dân”. Thật sự tất cả chỉ là những cuộc xếp đặt, mua bán gian lận và bạo ngược khi cần thiết được tiến hành chặt chẽ phía bên trong hậu trường chính trị kinh tế đầy dơ bẩn và phi nhân. (vụ thanh trừng Kennedy là điển hình nhất)
Bài phân tích nói về tình hình Nga-Putin, nhưng kỳ thực chính là nói về cái màng lưới nhện giăng mắc toàn bộ các xã hội Âu Mỹ Úc.

Khi vén được tấm nàng nhện giăng mắc này, người ta sẽ thấy rõ nguồn gốc của các cuộc khủng hoảng kinh tế tài chính và các cuộc chiến tranh thảm sát cận đại từ cuối thế kỷ 18 đến nay.

Rõ rệt nhất là các cuộc khủng hoảng và chiến tranh đang diễn ra hôm nay cũng như các cuộc khủng hoảng, chiến tranh sắp đến.

Chỉ cần hiểu và nhớ rằng nền tảng của “Quyền lực” là khả năng thủ đoạn NẮM GIỮ NGUỒN TÀI NGUYÊN và củng cố tín lý nơi quần chúng.
Mời quí vị tham khảo và có nhận định riêng
Nhân Chủ


Putin and Zionism: A Complex Relationship

December 23, 2015

When I read that Putin and Netanyahu had agreed to cooperate in fighting terror, I thought
WTF? Doesn’t he know that Israel is the #1 source of terror (along with the CIA and MI-6)? In a long article published today, “The Saker” explains that Putin has to play stupid. There is a balance of power in Russia, and to a certain extent Putin’s hands are tied. Jewish globalist financial interests are still powerful.

This excerpt helps explain apparent contradictions in Putin’s behavior. As the Saker says, “Putin is a very good man in charge of a very bad system.”

by The Saker 
(Excerpt by henrymakow.com)

Just as between 1917 and 1939, between 1991 and 1999 [under Boris Yeltsin] the reigns of power in Russia were firmly in Jewish hands, and in both cases, with truly catastrophic consequences. The big difference is that if in the early 20th century the Jews in power were ideological opponents of the Anglo Empire, [for public consumption-Makow] in the late 20th century, the Jews in Russia were practically an extension of the AngloZionist Empire.
Speaking of extensions of the AngloZionist Empire.
I have already explained many times in the past that the candidature of Putin to succeed Eltsin was a compromise reached between the Russian security services and Russian “big money” who pushed Medvedev as a counter-weight to Putin. I usually refer to the forces backing Putin as “Eurasian Sovereignists” and the forces backing Medvedev as “Atlantic Integrationists”. The goal of the former is to fully sovereignize Russia and make her a key element in a multi-polar but unified Eurasian continent while the goal of the latter is to be accepted by the AngloZionist Empire as an equal partner and to integrate Russia into the western power structures. Next is something so important that I will single it out on a separate parapgraph:


(Last December. That’s a Masonic handshake.)

The Atlantic Sovereignists are still in full control of the Russian financial and banking sector, of all the key economic ministries and government positions, they control the Russian Central Bank and they are, by far, the single biggest threat to the rule of Putin and those supporting him. Considering that roughly 90% of Russians now support Putin, that means that these Atlantic Sovereignists are the single biggest threat to the Russian people and Russia as a whole.

How is that all linked to Israel? Simple!
Putin inherited a system created by and for the AngloZionist Empire. He was a compromise candidate between two radically opposed parties and it took him years to first get rid of most of the the Russian (Jewish) oligarchs and then, very gradually, begin cleanup process in which slowly, step by step, the Zionists were booted out of their positions of power. 

 According to Mikhail Khazin, the balance between these two groups has only recently reached a 50/50 point of (unstable) equilibrium. That also means that the “Putin people” need to watch their back every day the Good Lord makes because they know that their so-called “colleagues” are willing to stab them in a blink of an eye as soon as they get an opportunity.
I happen to think that the rumors of a coup in Russia are greatly exaggerated. Not only because Putin does [have] the support of the “power ministries” (Defense, State Security, Internal Affairs, etc.) but, much more importantly, because of the 90% support he has with the Russian people. To overthrow a man with such a cult-like following, a man truly loved by the vast majority of people, would be too dangerous. But that does not mean that the 5th column is not willing to sabotage every effort of Putin and his supporters.
The truth is that Putin has been forced to compromise many, many times. Here are just a few examples:
The oligarchs: when Putin ridded Russia of the semibankirshchina [Jewish oligarchs, bankers] he did not really crack down on all the oligarchs as such. He only only got rid of those oligarchs who, like Khodorkovsky, had tried to basically stage a coup against Putin by buying the entire Duma. The oligarchs were told “stay out of politics and I will leave you alone”. The deal is still on today.
The economy: even in his last speech Putin had to declare that he fully supports the Central Bank and the economic Ministers of the Medvedev government. Considering that literally ALL Putin allies openly and vocally are screaming bloody murder about the way the Russian economy is mismanaged, this is clearly a coerced statement and not something he believes in. 

 By the way, I am observing a systematic vilification campaign on the central Russian TV channels against the Central Bank and the economic Ministers and this cannot be a coincidence. I predict that Putin is preparing a purge of these circles, but that he needs to line up all his ducks in a row before taking action, especially by inflaming the public opinion against them. 

 Right now the Russian economy is still run by IMF-stooges, by “Washington consensus” types, hence their crazy policy on interest rates, on buying US obligations, on keeping inflation low, etc. etc. etc. Putin, by conviction, is not what I would call a “socialist” but he is most definitely a proponent of “social markets” and somebody who is trying hard to decouple Russia from the western financial system, and not play by the rules of the Empire.
Foreign policy: right up until Putin’s latest re-election when finally Russia began to have a fairly consistent foreign policy, the policy of Russia has been one of zigs followed by zags. This was especially true during the times when Medvedev was in charge of the Presidency and when Iran and Libya were betrayed by Russia at the UNSC (something Putin openly called “stupid”).

Personalities:remember the hyper-corrupt Minister of Defense Serdiukov? Guess what? He has still not been formally charged with anything. Even the woman he did most of his dirty dealing with still lives in her luxurious apparent in Moscow. What does this tell us? That even when Putin got the hard proof of Serdiukov’s malfeasance he had enough power to replace him by Shoigu, but not enough to power to stick such high-profile “Atlantic Sovereignists” into jail.
Nazi occupied Ukraine: Putin had enough control over the government to provide the vital Voentorg and to even send some special forces and artillery strikes across the border to help the Novorussians, but he could not force the economic Ministries to use the Russian economic might to strangle the Ukrainian economy. This resulted in Russia sending artillery shells across the border in Saur Mogila and (basically free) energy across the border to Kiev.

Russophobic propaganda: … Bottom line: while Putin did immensely improve the overall quality of the Russian media, the russophobes are still very influential and can spew their hateful venom in total impunity.
I could continue to list example after example, but I think you get the idea: Putin is a very good man in charge of a very bad system.

First Comment by Tony Blizzard, who sent this. (Thanks Tony)

This is the most logical article I have seen on Putin, his actions and his lack of actions. Russia will NEVER win against the Rothschild cabal until they toss the phony debt as money lie that almost all nations now live with as the cabal grabs ever more wealth through it.  As well as having stolen over 90% of all wealth, world wide, they also own the best part of EVERY national debt, so-called, on these totally phony loans of nothing at usury instead of an honest real monetary medium of exchange.  The world’s worst crime in all history.  It causes more grief than mass murders because it is that as well as every other economic crime combined with it.