Putin, tổng thống Nga, trong phiên họp thượng đỉnh G20 tại Antalya- Turkey, đã nêu đích danh 40 quốc gia dung túng, huấn luyện và viện trợ cho thánh quốc Daesh ISIL, trong đó bao gồm cả một số thành viên của G20….Nhưng TOÀN BỘ BÁO CHÍ CHÍNH QUI ÂU MỸ… IM LẶNG KHÔNG LOAN TIN ĐĂNG TẢI!!!



Putin Outed ISIS’s G20 Financiers: But Not a Single Western Media Outlet Has Reported It

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russia-insider | Thursday, November 19, 2015, 12:34 Beijing

A revealing silence from the “free” western press
We’ve been very patient. For the last 12 hours we’ve been constantly refreshing Google News for just one — one — western article about Putin’s bombshell comments at the G20 summit in Antalya.
You would think that the Russian President stating publicly that ISIS is receiving money from 40 different countries, including G20 members, would be “newsworthy”. Right?
But the western media has defied even our worst expectations: Not a single mainstream western outlet reported on Putin’s comments.
Typically, at least the Daily Beast has the common courtesy to distort or misrepresent the most recent Putin press conference.
But in this instance, there is literally no written western record of Putin saying anything about who finances ISIS during the G20 summit in Turkey.
This is insane.

The Gloves Come Off: Putin Exposes G20’s Financial Ties to ISIS

At G20 summit, Putin calls out member states for supporting terrorism

Mon, Nov 16, 2015 | 107,178 84

Terror funders.
Terror funders.

In a classic Putin move, the Russian President presented evidence of G20 member states providing financial support to ISIS…during the G20 summit in Antalya. Speaking with reporters after the summit, Putin revealed:

I provided examples related to our data on the financing of Islamic State units by natural persons in various countries. The financing comes from 40 countries, as we established, including some G20 members

Putin also provided satellite images of the Islamic State’s lucrative oil smuggling operations:

I’ve demonstrated the pictures from space to our colleagues, which clearly show the true size of the illegal trade of oil and petroleum products market. Car convoys stretching for dozens of kilometers, going beyond the horizon when seen from a height of four-five thousand meters

Interestingly, immediately after the summit, the U.S. announced that its warplanes had begun to bomb ISIS truck convoys  used to “smuggle the crude oil it has been producing in Syria”. What a strange coincidence. It’s as if the U.S. knew exactly where these convoys were, but didn’t feel compelled to destroy them until now. The world is full of mysteries!
But the real story here is that Putin actually got up in front of the world’s largest economic powers and told them, right to their faces, that Russia knows exactly what they are doing.