Fake Encyclopedia Wikipedia  Deletes Alt. Media Like self-appointed Soviet Kommissars of Internet Censorship, Wikipedia, the fake online encyclopedia, is going Orwellian — dispatching all politically incorrect websites to the Black Hole of lost and forgotten cyberspace.

Wikipedia even has an official deletion policy which pretends to debate controversial topics. The final word however rests with the so-called “administrators,” the unknown online apparatchiks who make the final decision.

Alternative media websites like,, as well as writers like Alan Cantwell will most likely disappear from the fake online encyclopedia’s listings as the so-called editors debate the fate of these sites.

Michael Rivero, publisher of WhatReally has been targeted by the online fake encyclopedia censors.

ProRev publisher Sam Smith offers a quasi-reasoned response to the Wikipedia censorship:

“It looks like Wikipedia is moving towards the censorious having listed a number of controversial websites such as Infowars, From the Wilderness, and others for deletion.