With Edward Snowden
Nếu đang ở gần thành phố Newyork, hãy tham gia BIỂU TÌNH SÁT CÁNH VỚI EDWARD SNOWDEN!

Nếu BẠN LÀ CÔNG DÂN MỸ, thể hiện tinh thẩn trách nhiệm với tự do và dân quyền, hảy ký tên vào đây:
—- country is in the midst of a struggle between the growing surveillance state and our precious civil liberties. Now a whistleblower has boldly stepped forward to expose the National Security Agency’s vast spying on our phone records and online communications.
Explaining his actions, the 29-year-old computer expert said: “I can’t in good conscience allow the U.S. government to destroy privacy, internet freedom and basic liberties for people around the world with this massive surveillance machine they’re secretly building.”

We thank Edward Snowden for his principled and courageous actions as a whistleblower, informing the public about vast surveillance by the National Security Agency that undermines our civil liberties.

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54566 9 seconds ago Josh Stangeland Williston, ND , US
54565 21 seconds ago James Pierce Carlsbad, CA , US
54564 23 seconds ago Mark Suazo Cleveland, TN , US
54563 1 minute ago Tatiana Torres Bogota, CA , CO
54562 1 minute ago John Robb Pittsburg, KS , US
54561 1 minute ago Paul Bleiweiss Liverpool, NY , US Time to end the Imperial Gov’t invading our lives. Corporations seem to have their “rights” respected more than living breathing human beings made of flesh and blood even.

Got out of our li

54560 1 minute ago Erica Baffa Melrose Park, IL , US
54559 1 minute ago Margaret Rivers Fort Myers, FL , US
54558 1 minute ago Robert Matetich Federal Way, WA , US You’re a true patriot in my eyes. Some Americans might be willing to give up freedom for security but as Ben Franklin said “He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither. People willing t
54557 1 minute ago Jeffrey Zimarik Phelan, CA , US THANK YOU MR. SNOWDEN!!! You ARE a HERO! My hat is off to you! Stay strong!
Jeff Zimarik
54556 1 minute ago Patricia Bowles Laguna Beach, CA , US
54555 2 minutes ago Anonymous Goshen, MA , US
54554 2 minutes ago Steve Bloom New York, NY , US
54553 3 minutes ago Mark Terpstra Lansing, MI ,
54552 3 minutes ago Gary Grice Chicago, IL , US
54551 3 minutes ago Heather Armistead Clarksville, TN , US
54550 3 minutes ago Rachael Owens Corpus Christi, TX , US Thank you for everything you’ve done. This is a small step to true freedom.
54549 4 minutes ago darlene bruton los gatos, CA , US
54548 4 minutes ago Marsha lowry El Sobrante, CA , US
54547 4 minutes ago judy upton ot , AU
54546 4 minutes ago Anonymous Piscataway, NJ , US
54545 4 minutes ago Carl Levan Mcleansville, NC , US
54544 4 minutes ago Kristin Cell San Diego, CA , US
54543 4 minutes ago daniel honorio ludlow, MA , US
54542 4 minutes ago Anonymous You are a real hero and patriot. Thanks

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