Mặc dù đã được báo cáo rằng có đến 26 trẻ em chết sau khi tiêm vắc-xin từ Việt Nam, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bhutan và Ấn Độ, Tổ chức Y tế Thế giới (WHO) vẩn biện minh cho thuốc vắc-xin Quinvaxem, họ nói rằng tất cả các nghiên cứu của họ về thuốc vắc xin này sản xuất tại Hàn Quốc đã được khẳng định là an toàn!

WHO Reluctant to Suspend Vaccine After 26 Children Die in the Developing World

A health worker vaccinates a toddler.According to reports, at least 26 children have died and many more have been seriously injured after they were given the 5 in 1 vaccine, Quinvaxem. [1] Newspapers have reported that all of the victims suffered adverse reactions including fevers, vomiting and the appearance of bruises all over their bodies. [2] Quinvaxem, being offered at no cost to recipients by UNICEF, is a pre-qualified vaccine on trial in developing countries. Currently being given to babies as young as eight weeks of age, this pentavalent vaccine is said to protect infants and young children against diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, hepatitis B, and Hib (haemophilus influenzae type b).
According to reports, local authorities have suspended all the controversial batches for testing. However, the Health Ministry said there are no problems with the vaccine’s quality, distribution, preservation or administration. [3]
Although deaths have been reported from Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bhutan and India, the World Health Organization (WHO) has stood by the safety of Quinvaxem, stating that all their studies of the vaccine, made in South Korea, affirm its safety!

Children Being Used as Guinea Pigs

Once again, here is another example of children dying and many others suffering horrific side effects from a vaccine being tested on vulnerable children in developing countries. Isn’t it about time the WHO stopped pretending that they are in the business of protecting children and admitted to the fact they are instead part of a world depopulation program?
I urge readers to read a paper written by Dr. Rebecca Carley titled Inoculations: The True Weapons of Mass Destructions Causing VIDS (Vaccine-Induced Diseases) (An Epidemic of Genocide) in which she states:

In fact, the ‘prevention’ of a disease via vaccination is, in reality, an inability to expel organisms due to the suppression of the cell-mediated response. Thus, rather than preventing disease, the disease is actually prevented from ever being resolved.” [4]

She saw all these atrocities coming before many others and has been desperately trying to warn the public, ever since.
Source: http://vactruth.com/2013/04/02/who-suspends-vaccine/